Fifa is investing more and more in women's football. In a document obtained by participating World Cup countries, FIFA announces that new prize money will be paid out in connection with this summer's World Cup, The Guardian reports.

Each national team player selected for the World Cup will receive a guaranteed amount of 30,000 US dollars, which corresponds to approximately 330,000 Swedish kronor. And the further you go, the sum increases. The decision is historic as it is the first time FIFA has paid out money only for participation.

"Incredibly important"

Swedish national team midfielder Filippa Angeldahl rejoices.

"It's great that things are starting to move towards more gender equality, it's great that such an investment is taking place. This is incredibly important, we constantly want to move forward and this just shows that we are heading in the right direction and you notice that the interest is getting more and more, says Filippa Angeldal to SVT Sport.

In total, the International Football Federation (Fifa) will pay out USD 152 million, equivalent to just over SEK 1.8 billion, during this summer's World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

The players' union, Fifpro, has hailed the decision as "the result of a huge global collective action by over 150 national team players".