Beijing, June 6 (Zhongxin Net) -- On June 6, the new training list of the national football team was released. Compared with the first list after Jankovic took over the national football team, there is little change in personnel this time, and there are still many old faces, continuing to send signals of "seeking stability".

The new training list of the national football team

Small "metabolism"

The new training list of the national football team has a total of 24 players, and the national football team will go to Dalian City from June 6 to 10 to organize training and two international A-level friendly matches, against Myanmar and Palestine.

Compared with the first training list after Yankovic took office, the few changes this time are that Beijing Guoan striker Wang Ziming was selected. In addition, in the current excellent Tianjin Jinmen Tiger squad, Wang Qiuming and tomorrow have also been called.

Wei Zhen and Zhang Jiaqi, who were additionally recruited in the last training camp, were retained. Among the players who were adjusted out of the list due to physical reasons, Axon and Jiang Guangtai returned, and players such as Liu Yiming and Ren Hang were not available. In addition, players such as He Chao, Li Shuai, and Li Ang, who were in average condition in the league, were not called.

Comparing the two lists, it can be seen that Jankovic has carried out a small "metabolism" of the national football team.

Chinese Super League club Shanghai Port remains the biggest international with seven selected, compared with five for defending champions Wuhan Three Towns and four for Shandong Taishan.

The national football team and New Zealand warm-up before the pre-match photo. Image source: Visual China

The lineup is not in order

Affected by injuries, Zhang Yuning and captain Wu Xi, two players on the central axis of the national football team, were absent due to injury, plus young players of appropriate age such as central defender Zhu Chenjie and goalkeeper Han Jiaqi, as well as over-age players such as Barton and Gao Tianyi rushed to the Asian Games team, so the current national football team is not in complete condition.

But fortunately, two naturalized players, Axon and Jiang Guangtai, have returned, and their form has recovered in the recent league. Among them, Axon has already held the main position of Chengdu Rongcheng and has scored 4 goals so far. However, naturalized players such as Fernando, Alan and Li Ke still failed to be called up by Yankovic.

Zhang Yuning was absent due to injury, and there were many options such as Wu Lei and Axon in the forward position, but after Wu Xi's injury, the already stretched midfield position added another layer of instability, and only Zhang Jiaqi, Xu Xin, Wang Shangyuan, and the newly recruited Wang Qiuming were available. This is also a major reason why Xu Xin still chose to recruit him when his condition this season was not ideal.

Zhu Chenjie rushed to help the Asian Games team and did not make the list in this issue. Image source: Visual China

Continue to seek stability

After two years, the national football team is finally about to welcome the home game, which is also the domestic debut of new coach Jankovic. Therefore, the two matches against Myanmar and Palestine, although the opponents are not heavy, but the significance and importance are still quite large.

Given that Jankovic's first two warm-up games in New Zealand and the lack of television and online broadcasts were inevitable, this home game is bound to attract much more attention than before.

So it is also understandable that Jankovic chose to seek stability to polish the lineup and make relatively small adjustments. After all, in the second training period led by Jankovic, in addition to defeating Myanmar and Palestine and gradually building confidence, it is also very important whether the national football team will show more novelty and progress. (End)