Masanao Yoshida of the MLB Red Sox entered the game against the Rays in Boston as the No. 5 designated hitter and threw a no-hitter for the first time in four games.

Yoshida missed a strikeout in the first at-bat against McClanahan, the left-handed pitcher with the highest ERA in the American League, and fell into a double play from first base with one out in the third.

In his fourth at-bat against his opponent, he threw a no-hitter and his batting average was 1-for-2 and 3, dropping to third in the league.

The Red Sox lost 1-4 for the third straight time.

Cubs Seiya Suzuki no-hitter in four consecutive games

Seiya Suzuki of the Cubs started the game against the Padres in San Diego in the fourth and right, and both times he retired with runners on base, and threw a no-hitter in four consecutive games.

In the first at-bat, he missed from first base with one out and fell to a strikeout, and in the second at-bat of the third inning, he hit a sharp hit from second base with two outs to the third base line, but was unfortunately prevented by good defense in the third.

In the next two at-bats, each of them ended with a light fly and a strikeout with runners on base.

Suzuki has not had a hit in his last four games, and his batting average has dropped to 4.4.1.

The Cubs were limited to just four hits and lost 1-3.

Athletics Shintaro Fujinami Unable to defend lead

Athletics pitcher Shintaro Fujinami pinch-hit with one out in the sixth inning of a 3-1 lead over the Pirates in Pittsburgh, but he couldn't protect the lead by allowing three runs, including two foreballs.

Fujinami pitched the fourth batter in the sixth inning with a 6-1 lead with one out and threw about 2 kilometers straight from a full count to the first batter, but it came off low and gave up an extruded foreball.

The next batter also tied the game with two consecutive pushes on a foreball.

The next batter struck out two, but all three runners on sacrifice fly allowed the comeback to come home.

Fujinami took the mound in the seventh inning, struck out on a changeup, and then got a hit to left field, but he followed up with a double play in the second inning that didn't allow a run.

Fujinami threw 3 and 3/1 innings, allowing one hit, two foreballs, and one strikeout, with an ERA of 6.1.

The Athletics tied the game in the eighth inning, but soon after they allowed the game to go 4-164 and lose 2-2, ending a five-game losing streak.