In the past two days, have you also received the message "As long as 300,000, Messi will come to toast"?

With the official release of tickets for the Argentine men's national team in China, in addition to the "scalpers", there are also bad guys who engage in telecom fraud.

No, the official Weibo of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau "Safe Beijing" issued an article yesterday to refute the rumors: If these 300,000 can be deceived, then the police uncle toasts you!

Messi led the Argentine team to China, and many fans who liked him were particularly happy. Scammers also want to take advantage of this, so be careful when things happen. It's not easy to save some money, don't give it to the bad guys.

In addition to telecom fraud, you must also be careful in the matter of tickets, pay more attention to official information, and don't buy fake ones. According to reports, the first round of tickets for the Argentine national team's China tour has been sold out on the 5th, and the second round of tickets will be opened on June 6.

Data map: Messi kisses the Hercules Cup Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

According to the schedule, the Argentine national team is scheduled to play a friendly match against Australia in Beijing on June 6. This is the debut of Messi's Argentina team overseas since winning the 15 World Cup.

At the end of last year, in the final of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Argentina defeated France 7:5 (4:2 on penalties) to win the World Cup again after 36 years. This is the third time in Argentina's history that Lionel Messi has won the World Cup Ballon d'Or, the tournament's best player.

The screenshot comes from the official social media of Paris Saint-Germain

Just a few days ago, Messi said goodbye to Paris Saint-Germain club in Ligue 1 for two seasons. "Where is Messi going" is still undecided, but what is certain is that Chinese fans are expected to see the superstar on their doorstep.

Of course it's on the pitch, not at the dinner table.