Women's volleyball girls celebrate victory Xinhua News Agency

The World Women's Volleyball League in Nagoya, Japan, played a highlight yesterday, the Chinese women's volleyball team faced the host Japanese team, showing absolute net advantage, but also showed a big heart in the game, defeated the opponent 3-0, and achieved a big reversal after trailing by 8 points in the second game. The Chinese team won all four matches in this tournament and will return to Hong Kong, China to prepare for the second competition.

In the last World Women's Volleyball League, the Japanese team defeated the Chinese team 3-1, and the Japanese team was the main opponent of the Chinese team at the Hangzhou Asian Games, so the value of this battle was higher.

So far, neither team has tasted defeat, with China beating Brazil 3-2, Germany 3-0 and the Netherlands 3-1. Japan beat Dominica 3-1, Croatia 3-0 and Bulgaria 3-0.

The Chinese team still fielded the same starting lineup as in the previous three games, and the first game was not as intense as expected before the match, and the Chinese team did a better job than the Japanese team in the service and reception link, and the Internet port always had an advantage, and the first game was won 25-18 easily. With the exception of Sarina Koga, the Japanese team failed to open the attacking points, and in terms of offensive points, the Chinese team was significantly ahead of the Japanese team with 19 points with 12 points. Li Yingying scored 8 points in a single game, and the success rate of smashes was as high as 73%.

The Japanese team, which was passive, changed its serving strategy and used the front and back drive balls to confuse the Chinese team. In the first game, their downward attack was either blocked or effectively supported by the Chinese team, so the second game switched to the flat technique. These two changes were immediate, and Japan led China by eight points at one point 16-8 in the second game.

At key moments, head coach Cai Bin's change saved the game, he replaced the second setter Xu Xiaoting, and sent the main attack Zhonghui serve, changing the rhythm of the attack. In the situation of falling behind, the Chinese team played more patiently, Wang Yuanyuan's serve round to build merit, Wang Yuanyuan's No. 22 position was short and fast, Yuan Xinyue and Zhonghui blocked the net one after another, and the Japanese team attacked out of bounds, and the Chinese team scored four consecutive points to chase the score to 27, and then achieved a big reversal of 25-<>.

China maintained its lead in the first half of the third inning, with Japan changing the core of their attack and attacking at a faster pace after Yukiko Wada's arrival, giving Japan a 17-16 lead. After that, the two sides alternated leads, Li Yingying's back attack and Yuan Xinyue's probe ball saved two game points in succession, and then Yuan Xinyue blocked Yukiko Wada and Li Yingying's strong attack to help China win the match 27-25 and also win the fourth consecutive victory in Japan.

In this game, Li Yingying scored 20 points alone to become the scoring champion of the game, Yuan Xinyue and Wang Yuanyuan each scored 11 points, and Gong Xiangyu scored 9 points. The Chinese team, which won the top spot in this tournament, will next move to Hong Kong.

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Su Xing