In the third round of the women's doubles at the French Open, one of the four major tennis tournaments, Miyui Kato was disqualified after hitting the ball girl on the opponent's court, and posted an apology comment on her SNS, saying, "I apologize to the ball girl and everyone who supports me, it was not intentional."

Kato's pair were disqualified in the second set of the women's doubles third round match at Roland Garros on 4 May when a ball hit the opponent's court and hit the ball girl, which was considered a dangerous act.

In response to this, Kato posted on his SNS, "I apologize to the ball girls, the paired Souchadi, and everyone who supports the team, it was not intentional," and announced that the tournament organizers would confiscate the prize money and points.

Kato is scheduled to play in the quarterfinals of the mixed doubles on the 3th, and added, "I want to look forward and play as hard as I can."

Meanwhile, opponents Marie Boscova of the Czech Republic and Sara Sorrivestrumo of Spain have made waves on social media, with a series of comments criticizing the two players' actions.

The two players posted comments on social media, including "I demanded that my opponent be disqualified," "Shame on me," and "Least sportsmanship."