Beijing, June 6 (Zhongxin Net) -- The small drop outside the arena is not much different from the average 5-year-old boy. He will be a little shy in the face of unfamiliar people, but when it comes to his areas of expertise, his eyes will brighten and he will smile brightly, and he will talk significantly more.

But just looking at his performance, it makes people wonder if he is really only 18 years old. This past spring, he was a surprise on the field. Xiaoluo hid a golden rain and moved forward quickly, expecting to encounter another "golden rain".

Fists are afraid of being strong

In the 2023 KPL King of Glory Pro League Spring Regular Season S/A Group Card Match, the seventh game of the peak showdown, Xiaoluo took out his signature Charlotte. Charlotte, after a wave of light and breezy three kills in the middle, commented and sighed: "Fist is afraid of being strong!" ”

The match ended with the victory of Hangzhou LGD Goose (now Hangzhou LGD.NBW). It also became the most memorable match of Xiao Luo's career, as he worked hard with his teammates to advance to Group S. "I want to be part of the S Group, and my teammates and coaches really want to." He said.

After the game, Xiao Luo posted a Weibo: The seniors of Group S ask for advice.

The 2023 KPL Spring Tournament held the club's flag. Photo courtesy of interviewee

Xiaoluo, whose real name is Wang Ke, spent his 9th birthday last September. In the KPL arena, he is indeed "young". In the spring competition, Xiao Luo, who was on the KPL stage, showed a challenger attitude. Judging by the results, he is a qualified challenger - in his first KPL season, Xiaoluo was named the best rookie in the spring.

Xiao Luo talked about his spring performance, but he was a little modest. "If it's 100 out of 50, I'll give myself a <>. Because my Tanbian is actually very misunderstood, I feel that playing Tanbian is not the same as usual. I will train harder and hope to have a satisfactory result in the summer race. ”

After the surprise of advancing from Group A to Group S, as well as the regret of being out of the Final Four, Xiao Luo's spring tournament experience can be described as colorful, and his outstanding performance has also won him more and more attention.

Xiao Luo said that this means that he should pay more attention to his words and deeds, not be influenced by the outside world, and be himself. "Maybe there will be more motivation, because listening to the fans cheering for us is actually happy."

Xiao Luo. Photo courtesy of interviewee

Rebellious children

In the summer of 2020, Xiaoluo unexpectedly moved the idea of becoming a professional player. "I received an invitation from a friend to play an offline game of the Glory of Kings National Competition. At that time, I felt that the atmosphere of everyone wanting to win together was very good, although there were no audiences. He recalled.

Xiao Luo said with a smile that he was "a little rebellious" and chose to communicate with his family in a "first cut and then play" way. People were already sitting on the bus to Shanghai, and Xiao Luo called his parents to say that he wanted to go to work.

Predictably, his parents did not approve of his choice. After really starting his youth career, Xiao Luo also found that everything was not as simple as he thought.

"It's a little different from what I imagined, the training time actually needs to be adjusted by yourself, it may be more tiring, and you have to adapt to it for a while." Xiao Luo laughed a little shyly: "I wanted to escape. ”

Xiao Luo. Photo courtesy of interviewee

But the "rebellious child" is certainly not so easy to throw in the towel, he thought, which may be a "surprise" that every professional player experiences. After the "surprise", there is continuous improvement, which is not only the improvement of the level of competition, but also personal growth.

"I started out as a bit of an easily angry person, prone to tantrums. Since I went over there, I feel that I have to get along with every teammate in order to play well, and the personality is getting better and better. My parents saw that I was getting better and better, and they supported me more and more. Xiao Luo said.

Although he considers himself a little "rebellious", Xiaoluo actually does a good job of communicating with his parents. He will share the joy with his parents after the victory and will also let them see the positive changes that esports has brought him.

Now, parents have become loyal viewers of Xiaoluo's game. Although they still don't understand the content of the game, in their eyes, Xiao Luo is wonderful enough on the field.

Golden rain

When he was about to become an adult, Xiao Luo followed the advice of his coach and changed from the developmental path to the confrontation road. This change of position is also the biggest difficulty he has encountered so far. He described it as "a very difficult, very long process." In the beginning, Xiao Luo was only good at two confrontation road heroes.

Xiao Luo. Photo courtesy of interviewee

This sudden change out of the comfort zone is not easy for any player. Fortunately, Xiao Luo is not a person who will retreat when encountering difficulties, and there are always people around him who encourage him. His performance this spring proved that the shift was correct.

However, when he heard the praise that he was more suitable for fighting against Lu, Xiao Luo did not dare to accept it completely. "No, I still have a lot of bad things to play, and I still have to learn more."

And he chose to use the word "confident" to describe his current self, whether it is daily life or training matches, he is very confident. Although it seems to be a bit contrasting, he may be such a person, "confident" and "sober" are not contradictory, but a set of accompanying words.

As for the expectation of the future, Xiao Luo chose "persistence". He wants to remain as persistent as he once was.

Xiao Luo. Photo courtesy of interviewee

In the 2022 King Glory National Competition, Xiao Luo, who has not yet appeared in the KPL, won the championship with his teammates. In the post-competition award ceremony, golden pieces of paper floated down from the air, so that the "golden rain" was a unique scenery for the champion.

Xiao Luo stood on the stage, stretched out his hand and took a piece of paper and hid it in his pocket.

At that moment, Xiao Luo only cared about happiness and excitement, but when he calmed down, he naturally began to look forward to his career more. That piece of paper was kept by him until now, because he wanted to see two golden rains meet. Xiao Luo said, "Let's see if I can have a next time." (End)