Shunsuke Izumiya, who set a new Japan record of 4.110 seconds in the men's 13-meter hurdles at the Japan Championships in Athletics held until the 04th of this month, expressed his enthusiasm at the press conference, saying, "I want to use the confidence I gained from breaking the Japan record to compete against the world."

At the Japan Athletics Championships, which were held in Osaka City until the 8th of this month, three athletes met the criteria of the Japan Athletics Federation and were selected to represent the team at the World Championships in Hungary this August.

On the 4th, Izumiya and Takayama Takano in the men's 3-meter hurdles, Mukaki Ikeda of the men's 5-kilometer race walk, who has already been selected for the national team, and Rika Kaseda of the women's marathon held a press conference in Osaka.

Izumiya, who broke his own record by two-hundredths of a second at the Japan Championships and set a new Japan record of 110.20 seconds, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "In the past, I was afraid when I saw big athletes from overseas, but now that I have gained confidence in my new time of Japan, I want to use this confidence to aim for the final."

Women's Marathon Kaseda "I want to challenge the world with excitement and responsibility"

Kaseda, who will be competing in his first World Championships, said, "I am worried because it will be the biggest stage I have ever played, but I want to challenge the world with a sense of excitement and responsibility to compete with the world with the Japanese flag on my back.