Rongjiang, Guizhou, June 6 (Yuan Chao) At about 4:6 a.m. on June 4, with the referee's whistle, Chejiang No. 1 Village won the "Village Super League" match with a score of 30:4.

The Guizhou "Village Super League" Rural Football League staged another wonderful showdown on the evening of the 3rd in Rongjiang County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province. The "Village Super" competition attracted nearly 5,<> spectators.

The picture shows the aerial photograph of the game scene of Guizhou "Village Super" players. Photo by Wei Guijin

The Guizhou "Village Super League" Village Football League attracted 20 teams to participate, and the competition will last until July. The 7 participating teams were composed of township governments, village committees, civil organizations, schools and villagers in Rongjiang County, and the players were composed of Miao, Dong, Shui, Han, Yao and other ethnic groups.

The picture shows the Guizhou "Village Chao" midfield national culture exhibition. Photo by Yuan Chao

On the pitch of the "village super", the identity of the referee, players, etc. is different, they are either vendors, bosses, drivers, students... Age ranged from 15 to 40s.

Wei Yajun, who works in Hainan, learned that his hometown was hosting the "Village Super" competition, so he couldn't contain his excitement and immediately took leave to go home to participate in the competition. "I grew up in a football atmosphere, and playing football is a hobby, but also a love of the heart."

The picture shows the scene of Guizhou's "Village Chao", where villagers play asparagus songs to cheer for the village team. Photo by Yuan Chao

At the competition site on the evening of the 3rd, the villagers of the Rongjiang County team changed into national costumes, played asparagus and danced, cheering for the team. Villagers who were not selected for the "cheerleaders" acted as staff members, carrying special delicacies such as sticky rice, pickled fish, and beef dumpling, carrying fruits such as bayberry and watermelon, and marching into the stadium with the team members.

The picture shows the scene of the "Village Super" competition in Guizhou. Photo by Yuan Chao

The spectators were already packed, and the outfield spectators bought ladders to watch from the outside, and despite the hot summer weather, everyone enthusiastically interacted with the team.

Wang Liping's family of four are regulars in the "Village Super League" competition, and the game is not played. After lunch on the 3rd, Wang Liping's family of four rushed to occupy a seat.

The picture shows an aerial photograph of the Guizhou "Village Chao" midfield national culture exhibition. Photo by Wei Guijin

Wang Liping, who has liked to play football since she was a child, was selected for the varsity team in high school and received professional football training, "The stadium where I used to play football was a real grass, the wind blew yellow sand, and the conditions were difficult, but I love football and love in my heart." ”

When the reporter was interviewing on the spot, the audience could almost talk to the reporter about their two or three things with football, talk about their views, dreams, and memories...

The picture shows the scene of Guizhou's "Village Super", where villagers cheer for the team. Photo by Zhou Guangsheng

Breath hold when shooting, cheer when scoring a goal, cheer when mistakes... During the game, the spectators always observed every detail on the court, and together with the players of the game, filled the happy atmosphere of the "village super".

At the match site, football commentator Han Qiaosheng and Rongjiang County football teachers brought wonderful explanations to the audience. In addition to the deafening cheering and shouting on the scene, the unique halftime performance of "Village Chao" - Dong song, Miao asparagus dance, national costume display... Han Qiaosheng was very surprised.

The picture shows the scene of Guizhou's "Village Chao", and the audience set up a ladder to watch the game. Photo by Zhou Guangsheng

"The scene became a 'cultural gathering', the atmosphere was very harmonious, and everyone worked together for football." Han Qiaosheng said frankly, "Football should be rooted in the soil of the grassroots, and this soil is precisely grounded, coming from different ethnic groups and different villages, and working together to create a football atmosphere." ”

It is understood that the Rongjiang football competition began in the 20s of the 40th century. According to the "Rongjiang County Record" published in 1999, during this period, Guangxi University moved into Rongjiang County and introduced football to the county - college students played football, basketball, and table tennis on campus, while local people watched curiously. Later, the "football fever" slowly spread to thousands of households and took deep roots in the Rongjiang River. In the 20s of the 90th century, when a farmland by the river was washed away by floods and abandoned, local villagers bulldozed the land, pulled out weeds, cut off branches to make goals, and then painted lines with lime powder to make a simple open-air football field.

The picture shows villagers entering with local delicacies. Photo by Yuan Chao

"This long-defunct football stadium witnessed the earliest editions of the 'village super'. The busiest year, with 15 teams competing and the sidelines were full of spectators. Yang Yajiang, vice chairman of the Rongjiang County Football Association, told that since the 20s of the 90th century, the "village super" has not been interrupted in Rongjiang. "In Rongjiang, the football stadium has become a must-visit and happy place for everyone every weekend, and everyone spontaneously designated every Saturday as the 'village super' - Super Saturday Country Football Night."

The picture shows local villagers dressed in costume and local players entering. Photo by Yuan Chao

After the "Village Super" competition in the early morning of the 4th, some fans wrote with emotion: The "Village Super" of the Rongjiang River is more like the spark of hope steadily sowing to the banks of the three rivers and five lakes under the quiet night sky...

"Sports must have a large number of mass roots and talents at the grassroots level to reach the top of the 'pyramid'." Xu Bo, deputy secretary of the Rongjiang County CPC Committee and head of the county people's government, told that the "village chao" of Rongjiang will never be a flash in the pan. Rongjiang "Village Chao" has the mass gene of taking root in the soil and self-improvement, and has the happy gene of the whole people spontaneously loving football, this is football belonging to the masses of the people, struggle should have heat, persistence in struggle will lead to victory. (End)