In professional baseball, six interleague games were played on the 4th, and Hanshin, the leader of the Central League, beat Lotte for the second consecutive game. After the loss, Lotte starting pitcher Aki Sasaki suffered his first loss of the season.

Hanshin vs Lotte

In the Hanshin vs Lotte match, Hanshin won 2-0.

○ Wins: Saiki pitcher 4 wins and 3 losses.
- Loss: Pitcher Aki Sasaki 4 wins and 1 loss.
◎ Home run: Hanshin Umeno No. 1.

Hanshin broke the balance in the sixth inning with Oyama's timely groundout, and added another run in the seventh on Umeno's solo shot in the first. The starting pitcher limited Saiki to three hits and struck out 6 to earn his first shutout of the season.

Lotte starting pitcher Aki Sasaki had 7 strikeouts but gave up one hit and one run in six innings in his first loss of the season. Lotte has lost four in a row.

DeNA vs Seibu

DeNA vs. Seibu was won by DeNA 5-4.

○ Wins: Irie pitcher 1 win.
Savings: Yamazaki pitcher 3 losses and 13 saves.
- Losses: Tinoko pitcher 2 losses.

DeNA scored four runs in the eighth inning of a 0-4 tie, including timely two-base hits by Miyazaki and pinch hitter Kusumoto, and scored five runs on a timely infield hit by Tojima. The third Irie pitcher earned his first win of the season, and DeNA won three in a row.

Seibu started pitching well with Taira pitching seven scoreless innings, but the relievers couldn't help it.

Giants vs. Japan Ham

The Giants vs. Japan Ham was won by Japan Ham 10-3.

○ Wins: Kitayama pitcher 3 wins and 2 losses.
- Loss: Matsui pitcher 1 win 1 loss.
◎ Home run: Japan Ham, Nomura No. 6.
Giant Maru No. 5, Okamoto Kazuma No. 13.

Japan-Ham rallied from 0-1 in the second inning with two runs scored on a timely hit by Kitayama and a timely two-base double by Hosokawa. Nomura's three-run triple in the third inning and a four-run double in the sixth gave him the first double-digit scoring of the season on 2 hits. Starting pitcher Kitayama gave up three runs in seven innings to earn his third win, and he was active with two timely hits.

The Giants suffered their first professional loss when rookie pitcher Matsui, who started the game, gave up five runs in three innings.

Hiroshima vs. SoftBank

In the Hiroshima vs. SoftBank match, SoftBank won 3-2.

○ Wins: Fujii pitchers 5 wins and 3 losses.
Savings: Moinello pitcher 1 win and 2 saves.
- Loss: Kuribayashi pitcher 5 losses and 7 saves.

SoftBank scored three runs in the sixth inning 0-1 on back-to-back triples by Kondo, Yanagida and Yanagimachi. Starting pitcher Fujii gave up two runs in the middle of the sixth inning to earn his fifth win, while Moinello earned his second save.

Hiroshima suffered its fifth loss when its second pitcher, Kuribayashi, struck out five in a row in the sixth inning.

China-Japan vs Orix

In the Chunichi vs. Orix match, Orix won 5-0.

○ Wins: Miyagi pitcher 5 wins and 1 loss.
- Loss: Sobue pitcher 2 wins and 2 losses.
◎ Home run: Orix Mori No. 7.

Trailing 0-0 in the eighth inning, Orix broke the tie with Mori's three-run seventh, followed by Gonzalez's timely two-base hit and Miyagi's timely hit to score five runs in the inning. Miyagi struck out 8 and allowed only two hits and no walks on second base to earn his fifth win with his second shutout of the season. Orix moved up to the top of the league with 7 wins.

Chunichi starting pitcher Hiroto Takahashi pitched seven scoreless innings, but the batting line could not be supported and the team fell to the bottom of the table.

Yakult vs Rakuten

Yakult vs Rakuten was won by Yakult 5-2.

○ Wins: Ozawa pitchers 1 win and 1 loss.
Savings: Taguchi pitcher 2 losses and 12 saves.
- Losses: Shoji pitcher 3 losses.
◎ Home run: Yakult Osuna No. 9.

Yakult scored three runs in the first inning on a timely double by Murakami and a timely double by Nakamura, before adding another run on Osuna's solo shot in the sixth and Santana's sacrifice fly in the seventh. Starting pitcher Ozawa earned his first win of the season by allowing one run in five innings. Yakult has won three in a row.

Rakuten, starting pitcher Shoji, was out of control and couldn't play his role, giving up three runs in the second inning. Rakuten has lost three in a row.