On the second day of the Japan Athletics Championships held in Osaka, the final of the women's javelin throw was held in the rain, and the Japan record holder in this event, Haruka Kitaguchi, failed to improve her record and finished second, failing to win the tournament for the third time in a row. Marina Saito, the only athlete to throw over 2 meters, won the championship for the second time in five years.

The women's javelin throw final was held on the second day of the Japan Athletics Championships held in Osaka City to select the national team for the World Championships to be held in Hungary in August, under difficult rainy conditions.

Kitaguchi, who became the first Japan athlete to win a bronze medal in the women's throwing event at last year's World Championships and has already been selected for this year's World Championships, topped the list by throwing 1.59 meters in the first round.

However, after that, he did not improve his record and allowed Saito, who marked 92 meters and 5 centimeters in the fifth throw, to reverse the score.

Kitaguchi failed to improve his record in the sixth and final throw of the tournament in an attempt to turn the tables on the hunt for a third consecutive title, finishing in second place, leaving him with work to do ahead of the World Championships.

The winner was Saito, the only athlete who threw over 61 meters, and won the Japan title for the second time in five years since 14.

Kitaguchi "I'm frustrated, I couldn't use my goodness"

Haruka Kitaguchi, who finished second in the women's javelin throw and did not win her third consecutive tournament title, tearfully said, "It's frustrating, and I wish I could have played a little more calmly.