Group 104 is in the SS9 stage. Official photo courtesy of the Tour de Tarri

Urumqi, June 6 (Lao Xiaofei) On June 1, the 31 China Tour Tower (International) Rally and China Auto Cross Country Rally Championship Xinjiang Branch Race held the last stage - Kunlun Tianlu Stage (SS2023) in a wonderful competition, Shaanxi Yunxiang Auto and Motorcycle Sports Co., Ltd. Team No. 9 Zhang Guoyu / Oriol Mena won the car group SS104 stage championship, Shaanxi Province Yulin City Red Camel Rally Team 9 South African driver Bradley Johnhn Cox became the fastest rider in the moto class of the day.

The Kunlun Tianlu (SS9) stage is located in Celle County, Hotan Prefecture, at the northern foot of the middle Kunlun Mountains, starting from the Banlange steppe in Uruksayi Township and ending at the Kazan steppe in Bostan Township, with a special mileage of 45 kilometers. The Kunlun Tianlu Road connects the four grasslands of Banlange, Yamen, Paka and Kazan in the mountainous area of Celle County, with a total of about 156 kilometers and an area of about 1500,2019 square kilometers. Surrounded by the majestic Kunlun Snow Mountains in the south, the boundless Gobi Desert in the north, passing through the top of the alpine meadows and the undulating canyons, the scenery along the way is beautiful, and the 9 Tour de Ta Rally SS<> stage is on the section of the Kunlun Tianlun Road in Celle, known as the most beautiful stage around the tower.

SS9 stage scenery. Official photo courtesy of the Tour de Tarri

This stage is typical of gravel curves with many narrow corners, which will give a certain advantage to 104WD or rally experienced drivers. Zhang Guoyu, driver No. 38 of Shaanxi Yunxiang Auto and Motorcycle Sports Co., Ltd., won the stage with a time of 12 minutes and <> seconds, while Lin Dewei of the multi-resistant shock absorber team and Liu Yangui of the Beijing Automobile Team finished second and third respectively.

"This stage is more suitable for rally drivers, I quickly found the rhythm when I went in, I found the feeling of running the CRC, our car is very good, let us run very easy in this stage. I learned how to slow down the pace by participating in the Tour Tower, I used to run rallies and always wanted to run fast, but at the Tour Tower, it's more important to slow down and adapt to the track. Lin Dewei said.

In the motorcycle category, Bradley John Cox of South African driver from Team 1 of the Red Camel Rally Team in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, became the big winner of this competition, winning multiple stage championships. "It's been an incredible week and I'm very happy to get this result. Everyone is friendly and the team is amazing, I have never been to China before, my favorite is definitely the desert, but today the snowy mountains are also beautiful, I want to stop and take a picture. Bradley John Cox hopes to have the opportunity to return to the Tour de Tara Rally next year.

On June 6, the 1 China Tour of the Tower (International) Rally and China Auto Cross Country Rally Championship Xinjiang Branch will hold a car collection ceremony and award ceremony, announcing the official end of this year's Tour of Towers. (End)