Kirimayama, who was promoted to ōzeki in sumo wrestling, and his mentor Mutsu Oyakata held a press conference on the 31st. At the press conference, it was revealed that Shiko's name would be changed to "Kirishima", the same name as his master, Mutsu Oyakata.

These are the main questions and answers.

【Click here for details】Kirimayama is promoted to ōzeki and changes his name to "Kirishima" Same as master

【Mount Kirima】"First time I've ever been nervous"

Q.How do you feel after the ceremony?

A.I'm glad.

Q.Was the transmission ceremony nervous?

A.That's right. I was quite nervous. I think it's the first time I've ever been nervous.

Q.Did it end successfully?

A.I'm still nervous.

Q.How do you feel after eight years since you came to Japan in the summer of Heisei 27 and become an Ozeki?

A.Eight years has been a good time for the first time today, because of various injuries and so on.

Q.Do you have a strong feeling that it was good?

A.Well, there are many feelings that I want to quit and go back many times, even in eight years, and I'm glad I overcame them.

【Mount Kirima】Thoughts on the mouth "I have no choice but to practice"

Q.What kind of feelings did you put into your mouth?

A.I've come this far thanks to the practice, so if I want to go up a little higher from here, I think I have no choice but to practice more than this.

Q.How did you think about it?

A.I asked the master to think about it.

Q.Did you say it clearly?

A.I think I was a little too nervous and forgot one thing. I practiced properly until the morning, but I was very nervous in front of everyone.

Q.Did you practice a lot?

A.That's right. I practiced for two or three days after Chishuraku ended, and I was able to do it normally at that time, but I was nervous earlier.

【Mount Kirima】To my parents, "I have nothing but gratitude"

Q.Didn't you look cool in front of your father and mother?

A.That's right. When I wanted to quit and go home, I called my mom and told her to do her best. After all, I was embarrassed to quit and go home, so I thought I had no choice but to do it because I had come this far. Mom and Dad told me to do my best.

Q.How do you feel about your parents?

A.I think I can only be grateful.

Q.Didn't you have a very good act of filial piety?

A. Yes. Thank you.

【Mount Kirima】"I'm getting my own sumo wrestling"

Q.This was your first chance to get promoted to Ozeki. What was good about taking advantage of your first chance?

A.I was nervous before the place started, and I really wanted to start and finish quickly before the place started. For that reason, I only had to practice, so I thought it would be one day at a time without taking a break from practice.

Q.Did you see any results from the practice?

A.I think it's thanks to the practice.

Q.How do you think the content of sumo wrestling improved and made you rise to Ozeki?

A.I'm now able to take my own sumo wrestling.

Q.What kind of sumo is my sumo?

A.I hit it and take the front from there, and then I put my head on it from there, because it's my sumo wrestling. I don't have a lot of good sumo wrestling, though.

【Mutsu Oyakata (Former Ozeki, Kirishima)】"I'm happy."

Q.Please tell us how you feel?

A.I'm happy, maybe I'm happier than I was, but on the contrary, I was nervous.

Q.Did you remember your own transmission ceremony?

A.I remembered. I felt as if I was nervous and didn't understand anything, just like he said now. I think it's the same for him. On the other hand, there was a different kind of tension today.

Q.Did you feel that you were raised as a master and how you spoke up?

A.As he said, I've been practicing the most, so I think that's all there is to it. He says he wants to go one step higher, so if he practices more than ever, I don't think that's a dream either.

Q.When you first started, you were thin and took your master to practice.

A.I think I told most of my acquaintances when I started the school, but I said that if I did it normally, I would go to the maegashira and the three roles, even if I was silent until that point. Because it's character, obedient. There you said that. At first, sumo wrestling was like this, pulling in, receiving it, and taking that kind of sumo wrestling. I told him that if you have to put on your head, even a yokozuna will have a head. I think I've been able to win since I started to get my head on it. Actually, I'm saying this because I think that if I remember one more thing, I will be able to watch it with more peace of mind. It ends with "I can't." In that regard, I hope that you will work hard to strengthen your lower body and be able to do it.

Q.Did you come to Ozeki in 1 years?

A.I've had quite a few injuries, but I think it's early in eight years. That's why I think it's injury-resistant. I think I need to continue to build a body that doesn't get injured.

Q.What are the good things about Mount Kirima?

A.That's honest. When it comes to sumo wrestling, there are many different types of opponents, but I have had that kind of athleticism that can deal well with any wrestler, or something like that. If you're a four-way sumo wrestler, you're vulnerable to pushing, but I can handle that well. Isn't that a good point?

Q.Do you feel emotional about the fact that your disciple came to the same Ozeki as you?

A.The best thing to do is to get past me as soon as possible. I've come this far, so if you can cross it, I'll be happy again, even for myself. I think the only way to do that is rehearsal, so I wonder if I can do that. I'm a little worried about not being satisfied here.

【Mutsu Oyakata (former Ozeki, Kirishima)】"Give Shiko name"

Q.I heard that your master will make an announcement.

A.The two of us talked about Shikoname, but I thought I'd give Shiko's name today. There were two of us talking about this, but I wondered what I would do if they refused. At first, when I heard what his name was, he said, "What?" and it seemed like an unnecessary gesture. When I asked, I was like, "Oh, can I have it?" After all, I was happy, so please do it. I've been thinking about Mount Kirima since I joined. He liked the name and the person himself, but I wanted him to carry on this name and move up.

Q.Were you planning to give your name to Ozeki when you went up?

A.I've received quite a few words from people around me who are supporting me and supporters, saying, "If it goes up, I'll give it to you." I was worried about what I would do if they told me I didn't need it at that time. I was happy to hear from him that he would take over.

Q.Did you want him to become a yokozuna under this name?

A.Well, I want you to go beyond that. I looked at various self-awareness.

Kirimayama: "Are you sure?"

Q.How about getting a shiko name?

A.I was a little surprised the moment the master told me that it was a really wonderful name, and I said, "Is it really good?" I was really happy.

Q.Your reaction was that you were surprised at first.

A. Yes. It's a really great name, and I wonder if it's really okay.

Q.When did you say that?

A.It is the 14th day of the location.




Q.What are your thoughts on changing the name of Shiko?

A.I've heard that when I joined, I became an Ozeki, but it's like a dream to have it real.

Q.And it's your master's name.

A.I think we have no choice but to aim one more level.

Q.Don't you feel that you are being expected?

A. Yes.

Q.What kind of Ozeki do you want to become?

A.I want to be a strong and cool Ozeki.

Q.What do you need to do to aim higher?

A.I think I only have rehearsals, so I practiced a lot.

Q.Please tell us about your goals for the Nagoya location as the new Ozeki.

A.I want to be able to win my own sumo wrestling every day.

【Mutsu Oyakata (former Ozeki, Kirishima)】"I want you to remember your own kata"

QWhat long since you wanted your master to carry on the name of Shiko?

A.Recently. I didn't expect that. After all, people around me told me, "If you go up to the third role, Ozeki, I won't give you your name." Oh, I wonder if that's part of it. So when I was told that I didn't need it as I said, I thought it was a little bit, and that was also what I thought.

Q.Did the momentum for Ozeki's promotion start to move?

A.Well, I wouldn't be so happy if you took over.

Q.How did you see the activities of this place?

A.You didn't get much attention with me. That's in front of the media. In my case, too, I didn't get much attention. So I didn't feel too much pressure or nervousness. I think he himself was probably good in that area as well. However, in the first half, I still drew and didn't get a very good sumo wrestling. I felt like I was a little nervous. In the second half of the match, I felt like I was getting a little better at my sumo wrestling.

Q.I would like to discuss the matter.

A.We talked about what they would say, but they said, "I can't say anything too difficult." So what should we do? I said, "Well, there's only rehearsal," and then I just included the rehearsals.
After all, when I say that, I have to do it by all means. That's how people around me see it. So that's what I thought was good. As I have always been, I feel that if I continue to work harder than ever in practice, it will not be a dream to go up one step further. I think that in the end, the person who has practiced the most will be the best, so that's all there is to it.

Q.What kind of Ozeki do you want him to become?

A.I don't think I have much of my own type yet. I want them to remember their own pattern that makes them feel a little more comfortable looking at this situation. Even if I still watch it, I feel that sumo is a little light, so I hope it will be a little stronger.

【Mount Kirima】
Q.Did the wooden tag in the rehearsal hall move to Ozeki?

A.I just saw it for the first time. I didn't understand. It's cool.

【Mutsu Oyakata (former Ozeki, Kirishima)】
A.I think it's embarrassing until you get used to it. Even if it is said.

【Mount Kirima】"I want to become a sumo wrestler like the master"

Q.I'm sure you've seen the footage of your master's playing days, but what do you think about taking over the Shiko name?

A.From the time I joined, I had been watching the master's active sumo wrestling and training, so at that time, I wanted to become a sumo wrestler like the master. I also watched the master's videos for a long time.

Q.Do you feel the weight of inheriting the Shiko name?

A.I didn't understand at all.

Q.I have to get used to being called "Kirishima Seki" from now on, right?

A.You just have to get used to it.

Q.Did you actually get promoted because you insisted on going up to Ozeki before the Tsururyu master's haircutting ceremony?

A.Make that promise before the place starts. When the place started, the first half was a little sloppy, and I thought it would be embarrassing if I didn't keep that promise. In the end, as promised. I think it was really good.

【Mutsu Oyakata (Former Ozeki, Kirishima)】

Q.Kirimayama said that he practiced on his mouth but forgot, but did he forget to say something?

A.It's just a no-brainer.

Q.Please tell me the meaning of the name under "Tetsuo" in the name under Shiko's name.

A.As I said, I want you to take a strong sumo wrestling. There is also a good senior master in the room, Yokozuna and Tsururyu. I think Tsururyu also worked hard to get there. I hope you will teach me that and do my best. My body is so heavy that I don't need weight anymore. I envy you with such a body.

Q.How do you imagine your apprentice would feel if he succeeded Kirishima and went up to the arena?

AWe don't know until we go up, but aren't we happy? I hope it matches the name as soon as possible and that people get used to it as soon as possible.