The Japan Championships to determine the best Japan in athletics will be held in Osaka from 6 June. On the first day of the Games, middle-distance ace Kimi Tanaka (1) will compete in the women's 1-meter qualifying round, while Suguru Osako (1500), who finished sixth in the marathon at the Tokyo Olympics, will compete in the men's 23,5000-meter final.

The 107th Japan Championships, which determine the best Japan in athletics, will be held at Yanmar Stadium Nagai in Osaka from 1 to 4 days.

It also serves as a selection process for the World Championships to be held in August, and if you earn points at the World Championships, you will be able to participate in the Olympics, so it will be an important tournament for predicting next year's Paris Olympics.

On the first day, the women's 8-meter qualifying round will be held, and middle-distance ace Tanaka will compete.

Tanaka, who finished eighth in this event at the Tokyo Olympics, the first Japan athlete to win a prize, is also a three-time Japan champion and is an overwhelming force in Japan.

Tanaka, who announced his turn pro in April this year and has changed his environment by increasing opportunities for overseas tours, is attracting attention.

Also entering this event was Tanaka's high school classmate Yume Goto (1), who also belonged to the same business team.

Goto beat Tanaka to win the tournament in April, and we can't take our eyes off the showdown between the two classmates.

In addition, Osako, who finished sixth in the men's marathon at the Tokyo Olympics, entered the men's 1500-meter final.

If Osako, who announced his retirement after the Tokyo Olympics and was temporarily absent from competition, participates in this event, it will be the first time in seven years.

It will be interesting to see what kind of run he will show in the 8 meters after a long absence, and Osako's run.

In addition, finals such as the men's javelin throw and the women's 3-meter steeplechase will be held, and the fierce battle for the top spot in the Japan will begin.

NHK will report on the events of the tournament for four days, and the first day will be broadcast live on BS4 from 23 p.m.