29 players will get the chance in the national team squad that will match up against New Zealand and play the European Championship qualifiers away against Austria.

"Since I get to pick a few more players than I usually do, it's been a little easier, but you always have to draw the line somewhere anyway and there are many players to choose from," says Sweden's head coach Janne Andersson and continues:

"I think it's an interesting and good squad and now I hope they are whole and healthy. Part of the fact that I have taken out as many as 29 (players) is the experience from the June gathering last year where I got many cancellations and injuries during the collection so therefore we go a little wider now. The other reason why I take out so many is that we start with a training match and then I can match those who are not allowed to play in the competitive match so more players can get the chance, therefore I go a little wider.