It will be Kallas' second book. But where the former, "Charlotte Kalla – strength, technique and brow bones" (2017), was about giving tips to those who are curious about cross-country skiing, the new one focuses on: Charlotte Kalla.

"It's something I've thought about during my career, to write an autobiography," says Kalla.

"Has been scary"

She writes the book together with DN journalist Johan Esk.

"My goal when we started writing was that it should be a book that feels like something that I hardly dare to publish. And when I have been able to read the rough texts now, there have been a lot of emotions. It's been scary too. But I have been so happy about how nicely he has highlighted it, because it is still written in I-form.

It is a little more than a year since Kalla ended one of Swedish cross-country skiing's most successful careers. No Swedish athlete has won more Olympic medals, and few can match the track record: three Olympic golds, six Olympic silvers, three World Championship golds, six World Championship silvers, four World Championship bronzes, victory in the Tour de Ski, the Jerring Prize and Bragdguldet.

Bombs promised

There are events during her career that she only now feels ready to share.

"Yes, it really is. In order for me to be able to stay focused on the right things, there are certain things that I have needed to have integrity about. But also with perspective and career behind me, I have been prepared to lift many, many more stones and think about what it has meant.

What reactions do you think the book will give?

"I think it's going to be a little 'What the hell? I didn't know this."

Any bombs?

"Yes, I think so.

"Shame on the One Who Gives Up" will be released in October.

CLIP: Charlotte Kalla pays tribute to the ski girls: "Awesomely impressed" (23-02-27)

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Hear Swedish skiing icon Charlotte Kallas' tribute to Jonna Sundling after the gold show