Europe 1 with AFP // Photo credit: JEAN-CHRISTOPHE VERHAEGEN 17:45 p.m., May 31, 2023, modified at 17:48 p.m., May 31, 2023

The 15-year-old Berlin teenager, very seriously injured by a player of the French club Metz during a fight after a match of an international tournament in Frankfurt has died.

The German authorities announced this morning the death of the young Berliner: "After Sunday's fight (...) The 15-year-old died in hospital from his serious brain injuries," German police said in a statement. The 16-year-old boy suspected of delivering the fatal blows is still in pre-trial detention, said Frankfurt police, who are continuing their investigation into the course of events.

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FC Metz player suspected

"In order to clarify the circumstances of the death of the young German, an autopsy will be performed in the coming days," she added. The deceased teenager, who belonged to the German team JFC Berlin, had so far been kept alive so that he could donate his organs, said the spokeswoman for the Frankfurt prosecutor's office, Nadja Niesen.

Tuesday, the French club, "deeply shocked by this tragedy", had not specified the age and nationality of the offending player who plays in the FC Metz Performance Program, a structure integrated into the club and which allows "young footballers or educators from around the world to be able to access a high-level training structure". The tournament in which the two youngsters participated welcomed teams from 16 different countries, most of them European.