It was a big setback for the Pirates.
After the sixth heat, Dackarna's Filip Hjelmland drove into Oskar Fajfer who crashed into the fence and had his left foot injured.
The Pole was left lying for a while and was treated before being driven off the track in an ambulance.
According to the first report, there was some kind of injury with the left foot.

The referee froze the heat, it was 3–3, with two run-in points from Fajfer.
The Tyres never let go of their lead. It was extended to eight and later ten points, and the match was finally decided after heat 13 where the Tyres went up to a 47–31 lead.

Heavy scalp for the Tyres, fifth before the game, against the series leader Pirates who certainly fell narrowly last time.

In Tuesday's other games, the Lions lost at home to Smederna (35–55) while Västervik went on a knockout at home against Rospiggarna, 66–24.

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