Mountain biking star and former Olympic champion Jenny Rissveds won overall victory in the road cycling competition, Gracia Orlova, earlier this year. Now she wants to continue on the same track. The 28-year-old has signed for a road cycling team (Team Coop-Hitec Products) and is now aiming for the Tour de France, according to DN.

"It's fun, it's good training. She developed as a cyclist. She likes to drive on the road," the team director of her mountain bike team, Robert Whitlock, told the magazine.

"I want to get more experience on the road, and I'm really grateful to sign for the team," Rissveds said in a statement.

CLIP: Rissveds on the Olympic plans: "I'm not even selected" (April 25, 2023)

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Jenny Rissveds is eager to make her third Olympics in Paris next year but needs to be selected.