Beijing, May 5 (Reporter Bian Liqun) On the evening of the 30th, with Fan Zhendong defeating teammate Wang Chuqin in the men's singles final to complete the defense, the Durban World Table Tennis Championships came to an end, and the Chinese team won five individual championships. At the second scene of the World Table Tennis Championships at Beijing Sport University, student commentators joined forces to explore a new path for the development of sports talents through the real estate study and research plan.

Live at the event. Photo courtesy of the organizer

At the event site, teachers and students of Beijing Sport University cheered for the national table tennis team members who competed in the World Table Tennis Championships and helped the national table tennis to compete for better results. Before the competition, 6 outstanding student representatives from Beiti New Communication College combined with the clips of the national table tennis classic competition to carry out the practical exercise of explanation.

Experts including table tennis star Hou Yingchao commented on the performance of the six students one by one, and provided detailed professional guidance and suggestions from the aspects of technical and tactical interpretation, interpretation of language use, emotional expression, and transmission of the spirit of national table tennis. The students took this opportunity to have in-depth exchanges with industry professionals, understand the cutting-edge trends of industry development and the stories behind the national table tennis training competition, and further enhance their practical ability and professional quality.

According to reports, Beijing Sport University and China Mobile Migu have continued to carry out school-enterprise cooperation in recent years, carrying out in-depth exchanges and communication in the integration of industry, education and research, internship and job recommendation, project cooperation, etc., jointly creating sports content, and helping students improve their skills and self-honor in practical training. The second on-site explanation and practical activity opened another chapter of cooperation between the two sides, and the school-enterprise in-depth linkage provided high-quality training resources and opportunities for production-university-research practical training for teachers and students of Beiti, and promoted the actual transformation and application effect of teaching and research achievements.

Live at the event. Photo courtesy of the organizer

Table tennis star Hou Yingchao said in an interview: "I should be regarded as the first table tennis player to do professional commentary on the event. Actually, I'm still playing, and I'll explain the game to everyone when I have time. While commenting on the game, I felt that my skills were improving. During the commentary, I am also summing up the experience, hoping to better improve the viewing experience brought to the audience. ”

For the performance of the Chinese team in this World Table Tennis Championships, Hou Yingchao believes that it is "quite perfect". "All five gold medals have been won, and the Chinese athletes who participated have shown their own value, including young athletes Lin Shidong, Qu Man, etc., and the athletes who did not win the gold medal are equally excellent." (End)