In professional baseball, interleague games began on the 30th, with six games played.
Central League leader Hanshin, who performed well in May, won nine consecutive games for the first time in 6 years, equaling the team's record of 5 wins per month.

Seibu vs Hanshin

In Seibu vs. Hanshin, Hanshin won 3-1.

○ Win: Murakami 5 wins, 1 loss
, saves: Yuasa 7 saves
● Loss: Yoza pitcher 1 loss

Hanshin scored two runs in the first inning, including back-to-back three bases by Chikamoto and Nakano, and added another run in the fifth on a timely hit by Noisy.

Starting pitcher Murakami tossed eight innings, allowing four hits and one run with no foreballs and consistent pitching to earn his fifth win.

Hanshin has won nine consecutive games for the first time in 1 years.

Seibu was limited to four hits and gave up only one run.

Rakuten vs DeNA

Rakuten vs. DeNA was won by DeNA 3-2.

○ Win: Imanaga pitcher 3 wins 1 loss
● Loss: Norimoto pitcher 1 win 4
◎ Home run: DeNA Maki No
. 10 Rakuten Asamura No. 9 and No. 10

DeNA chased one run in the fourth inning, and Miyazaki and Maki made it 1-4 on consecutive timely hits.

In the ninth inning, Maki hit a solo shot in the 2th that added a valuable run.

Starting pitcher Konaga allowed five hits and two runs to earn his third win in his first complete game of the season.

Rakuten lost the game when Asamura hit solo home runs in the second and ninth innings.

Japan Ham vs Yakult

Japan Ham vs Yakult was won by Japan Ham 2-1.

○ Win: Uehara pitcher 1 win, 2 losses
saves: Tanaka Masayoshi pitcher 1 win, 1 loss, 8 saves
● Loss: Ishikawa pitcher 1 win, 3 losses
◎ Home run: Japan ham Manba No. 10, No. 11

Japan Ham tied the game at 0-1 in the fourth inning with Manba's second consecutive solo shot in the 4th, and in the sixth inning, Manba hit a solo shot in the 2th for two consecutive at-bats to win the game.

Starting pitcher Uehara pitched six innings, allowing five hits and one run to earn his first win of the season.

Yakult lost 10 consecutive matches with a draw in between.

Lotte vs Giants

Lotte vs. Giants was won by Lotte 2-1.

○ Win: Nishino pitcher 6 wins 1 loss
Save : Masuda pitcher 14 saves
● Loss: Hiranai pitcher 1 loss
◎ Home run: Lotte Tamura No. 2, Yamaguchi No. 2
Lotte scored one run in the second inning on Tamura's No. 2
solo, Yamaguchi added another run in the fourth inning on a solo shot in the second.

Starting pitcher Nishino pitched seven innings, allowing five hits and one run, earning his league-leading sixth win.

After a one-run lead, Sawamura and Masuda escaped in the eighth inning and Masuda in the ninth.

The Giants have lost four straight games with lackluster batting performances.

ORIX vs Hiroshima

In the match between Orix and Hiroshima, Orix won 4-0.

○ Win: Yamamoto 4-2
● Loss: Ryo Osera 2-4 Orix

took a two-run lead in the fifth inning on an opposing wild pitch and a sacrifice fly by Chano, and extended the lead in the eighth on a timely two-base double by Keita Nakagawa.

Starting pitcher Yamamoto tossed eight innings and earned his fourth win with two hits and eight strikeouts to keep the game scoreless.

Hiroshima started pitcher Yoshira Osera, who pitched well, giving up two runs in seven innings, but the batting lineup with eight left-handed batters could not support them, and Hiroshima's winning streak stopped at three.

SoftBank vs. Chunichi

In SoftBank vs. Chunichi, SoftBank won 13-5.
○ Win: Ozeki pitcher 4 wins 4 losses ● Loss: Fukutani pitcher 3 wins 3 losses

◎ Home runs: SoftBank Kai No. 2 Chunichi Kinoshita No. 2, Ukai No. 1

SoftBank scored 13 runs, the most this season.

By the first two innings, Kai's timely two-base hit and Kondo's timely hit gave the Tigers a five-run lead.

In the fourth inning, they scored three consecutive dead balls, including a timely hit and an outrun by Taisei Makihara.

Starting pitcher Ozeki earned his fourth win by allowing three runs in seven innings.

In Chunichi, the pitching staff collapsed.