, May 5 -- The women's doubles final of the 28 Durban World Table Tennis Championships ended in the early morning of the 2023th Beijing time. The Chinese pair Chen Meng/Wang Yidi defeated the South Korean pair Tian Zhixi/Shen Yubin 28:3 to win the third gold medal for the National Table Tennis Championships.

Image source: WTT World Table Tennis Federation official Weibo

At the beginning of the first game of the final, Chen Meng/Wang Yidi entered the state faster and quickly opened the point difference. Tian Zhixi/Shen Yubin chased consecutive points at the end of the game, but the Chinese pair still won the first set 11:8.

In the second game, Tian Zhixi/Shin Yubin attacked aggressively and took a 6-3 lead. Chen Meng/Wang Yidi adjusted their serve strategy and played more actively, and the two scored 7 consecutive points to complete the comeback, and went to the next city at 11:7.

In the third game, the score was locked and fought all the way to a 9-tie. The Korean pair took the first set point, but Chen Meng/Wang Yidi dared to shoot on key points. The two ended the match 12-10 after saving the set point.

With Chen Meng/Wang Yidi winning the championship, there is still the last competition day left in the 2023 Durban World Table Tennis Championships, but the national table tennis has already won all five gold medals in advance.

Image source: WTT World Table Tennis Federation official Weibo

On the evening of the 26th, Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha defeated the Japanese pair Tomokazu Chang / Hina Hayata 3:0 in the mixed doubles final to defend their title.

On the evening of the 27th, Fan Zhendong/Wang Chuqin defeated the Korean pair Zhang Yuzhen/Lim Jong-hoon 3:0 to win the men's doubles championship.

Image source: WTT World Table Tennis Federation official Weibo

Coupled with Chen Meng/Wang Yidi female double-fold gui, the three individual events that have ended, the champions all belong to the national table tennis.

On the final matchday, the women's singles and men's singles finals will be played. The women's singles final was played between Sun Yingsha and Chen Meng, while the men's singles final was played by Wang Chuqin against Fan Zhendong. Therefore, National Table Tennis has actually locked these two gold medals in advance.

As one of the most important events this year, for national table tennis, the Durban World Table Tennis Championships is a preview of next year's Paris Olympic Games. Liu Guoliang, chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, called the competition "the middle entrance examination of the Paris Olympics". Judging from the results, the national table tennis that won the hardware handed over a high-score answer sheet.

While focusing on the Paris Olympics, National Table Tennis also looks to a longer-term future. From the perspective of training and echelon construction, in line with the principle of training by competition, Guoping has some changes in the selection of lineups, such as the young mixed doubles team Lin Shidong/Qu Man.

In the semifinals, the two youngsters, who were less than 20 years old, were reversed by the Japanese pair Tomokazu Changmoto/Hina Hayata while in the lead, leaving them with regret. I hope the young players will take stock after the game and continue to grow. (End)