Beijing, May 5 ( -- On the evening of the 26th Beijing time, the 26 World Table Tennis Championships in Durban, South Africa, ushered in the final of the mixed doubles event. Chinese pair Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha defeated Japanese pair Tomokazu Chang / Hina Hayata 2023:3 to successfully defend their title! The two won the first gold medal of this World Table Tennis Championships for the national table tennis competition!

Image source: WTT World Table Tennis Federation

At the last World Table Tennis Championships in Houston, Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha beat Zhang Benzhi and / Hina Hayata in the final. In the mixed doubles final of the Singapore Grand Slam in March this year, the two pairs met again, and the "Shatou" pair won 3:3.

Data map: Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha Photo by Liu Guanguan, reporter of China News Agency

Today, the old rivals are on the same stage again. At the beginning of the race, Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha took the lead. After the Japanese pair chased the score to 6 draws, Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha scored five consecutive points to quickly win the first set 5:11. In the second game, the "Shatou" combination played steadily, and it was easy to go to the next city at 6:11. In the third game, the two sides were locked in a stalemate, and the Chinese combination withstood the pressure at a crucial moment to end the match 2-11.

Data map: Chinese group Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Guanguan

In this World Table Tennis Championships, Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha encountered major challenges while passing the hurdles all the way. Facing Huang Zhenting/To Kaixuan in the semifinals, the two came down 1:2 and finally won 3:2.

The Shatou duo began partnering in 2018 and have won the Youth Olympic Games and Asian Games together. After entering the Paris Olympic cycle, Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha took on more burdens with Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen fading out of the arena.

Image source: WTT World Table Tennis Federation

After winning the mixed doubles title, Sun Yingsha and Wang Chuqin will also compete in women's singles, men's singles, women's doubles and men's doubles respectively. Keep it up! (End)