The sumo summer tournament was the 11th day.
Yokozuna Terunofuji, who had one loss, defeated Sekiwaki Toyoshoryu, and Asanoyama, who also had one loss, defeated Akio of Hiramatsu, both of whom are tied at the top of the championship race.

Win or loss after going inside

▽ Mito Ryu and Daxiang Peng won by "Leaning Away".

▽ Treasure Fuji to shine is "extrusion" by Teru.

Takarafuji was defeated.

▽ Ryuden to Hekiyama is "close" to Ryuden.

▽ Abu Saki ni Myogiryu is "pushed out" by Abu Saki.

▽ Takashi's victory to Chiyo Shoma is "pushed out" by Takashi's victory.

▽ In the sea of Sada, Wang Peng is "close-up".

▽ Ichiyamamoto ni jade eagle is "pushed out" by jade eagle.
Ichiyamamoto is a loser.

▽ Kensho ni Ontake Kai won by Kensho with "Close Edge".

▽ Mt. Asano in Akio is "pushed down" by Mt. Asano.

Asanoyama defended his 10th win and 1 loss.

▽ Koto Emitsu on Mt. Kinpu is "close" by Koto Emitsu.

▽ Kitakatsu Fuji and Nishikiki are "close-cut".

▽ Nishikifuji to Ura is "taken" by Ura.

▽ Takayasu to Aflame is Takayasu "Knock in".
Takayasu was out from the first day due to a right thigh injury, but he played on the 24th and scored a victory.

▽ Shomonkey in Shodai is "pushed out" by Shoyo.

▽ Kotonowaka ni Suifuji is Kotonowaka "good thrower".
Suifuji is a loser.

▽ Mt. Kirima and the Hirado Sea are "close to Mount Kirima".

▽ Kita Seiho and Wakamotoharu won a sumo match over 1 minute and 20 seconds by "ugly" to win at Shinsekiwaki.

▽ Daieisho ni Ozeki Scenic Beauty is "withdrawn" by Noble Scenic Beauty.
Kakuban Kikagekatsu won 7 and lost 4, and was one win away from winning.

▽ Yokozuna Terunofuji and Toyoshoryu defended their 1 loss with Terunofuji winning with "Kimede".

At the end of the 1th day of sumo wrestling, Yokozuna Terunofuji and Hiramatsu Asanoyama are two players lined up with one loss, and Kirimayama of Sekiwaki is chasing with two losses.