On the seventh day of the sumo summer tournament, Yokozuna Terunofuji, who is competing for the first time in four places, defeated Kinpuyama in the flat curtain to extend his winning streak from the first day to seven.

Sekiwaki Kirimayama, who is aiming for the promotion to Ozeki, lost to Masayo Koyui and lost two matches.

Win or loss after going inside

▽ Ten Flame Peng and Myogiryu won by Myogiryu with "small hand throw".
Yanpeng has lost seven consecutive games since day one.

▽ Asanoyama and Ichiyamamoto won Asanoyama with "pushout" to extend their winning streak to seven.

▽ Chiyo Shoma and Mito Ryu are Chiyo Shoma "outing".

▽ Hikaru ni Koto Emitsu is "extrusion" by Teru.

▽ Bei Qingpeng ni Jian Xiang is "close" to Jian Xiang.

▽ Wang Peng to Bao Fuji won by Wang Peng "extrusion".

▽ Ryūden ni Dai Xiang Peng is "Dai Xiang Peng".

▽ The Hirado Sea on Mount Heki is "extrusion" by the Hirado Sea.

▽ Kitakatsu Fuji to Abu Saki is "Hatakin".

▽ Ontake Sea won by "close cut" to Takashi's victory.

▽ Akio to Sada no Umi is a seven-game winning streak from the first day after Akio won with a "shove".

▽ Koto Katsuho to Jade Eagle is "Knocked In".

▽ Nishikiki to Shomonkey is "Sho Monkey".

▽ Suifuji won the first step of Suifuji with "Extrusion".

▽ Endo was suspended from the 7th due to worsening knee pain, and Hoshoryu received a bye.

▽ Mt. Kirimayama is Masayo is "leaning in".
Kirimayama, who is now facing Ozeki promotion, suffered his second defeat.

▽ Nishikifuji ni Wakamotoharu is "extrusion" by Wakamotoharu.

▽ Daieisho ni Kotonowaka is "pushed out" by Daieisho.

▽ Ura ni Kakuban Ozeki Ki Keikatsu is a "sticking out" of Noble Scenic Beauty.

▽ Yokozuna Terunofuji and Kinpuyama won with Terunofuji with a "good throw" to extend their winning streak to seven.

After the seventh day of the sumo tournament, Yokozuna Terunofuji, Hiramatsu Akio and Asanoyama are all three players who have won seven consecutive matches since the first day.