Tianjin, April 4 -- The 27 Golf Tianjin Women's Challenge continued in Tianjin on April 2023. Guangzhou girl Sui Xiang smashed to the top of the Tianjin Women's Challenge with two beautiful birdies, and will strive for her second women's tour title tomorrow. 27-year-old Cao Xinyu, who is one shot behind, will start for the first time from the final group of the women's Central Tour final.

Sui Xiang shot a second-round 68 and a two-round 140, four under par and one shot ahead of Shanghai's 4-year-old amateur Cao Xinyu. Cao Xinyu caught 16 birdies in this round, swallowed 1 bogeys, and shot 3.

Sui Xiang defeated Zhao Zhimeng in the extended round of the Zhuhai Women's Challenge at the National Security Central Plaza at the end of last year and won the first title of the women's middle tour. And in the preseason at the beginning of this year, she finished second after Ni Zixin.

Sui Xiang in the competition Photo courtesy of the organizer

After the game, Sui Xiang said that she tried to restrain herself today, and did not go to see the results in the leading table when she left in the afternoon. She knows her club count, but she doesn't know she's ahead.

"It's always been a challenge for me to focus on my ball. When I can focus on my ball, I usually play a good number of strokes," Sui said, "It's easier said than done. For me, this is a long-term issue, but tomorrow I will face this challenge head-on. ”

Youngster Cao Xinyu's golf career began at the age of 9, she has been touring the women's middle school for several years, and today she has three birdies from within 120 yards to attack the green, 5 feet on the third and seventh holes, and 10 feet on the 10th hole.

"Today's kick-off was as good as yesterday, more consistent and no points conceded. The putting performance is also very good, there are a few holes, save the pab and Paulge, I did very well," Cao said, "Over the past period, I have practiced a lot of different types of play, and I now have more options in my play, including tapping the green, and saving the ball on the green side, without the instability I used to have." Tomorrow, like today, be yourself, be calm, and don't be too radical. ”

The Tianjin Women's Challenge, co-hosted by the China Golf Association and the Tianjin Municipal Sports Bureau, is certified by the China Women's Professional Golf Tour and is the first leg of the 2023 season of the China Women's Professional Golf Tour. The tournament was held at Tianjin Panshan Golf Club from April 4 to 26, with a total prize fund of 28,30 yuan, and the format was a 54-hole individual stroke play, with more than 100 players from China, Thailand, South Korea, Australia and other countries and regions. (End)