When will the 2023 World Curling Championship be played?

It runs between Saturday 1 April and Sunday 9 April.

Where will the 2023 World Curling Championships be decided?

The World Cup will be held this year in Ottawa, Canada. It is the 26th time that Canada has hosted the World Cup and the first time the World Cup is played in Ottawa.

How has it gone in previous World Curling Championships?

The World Cup has been played since 1959 and has only been cancelled once. That was in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Canada has by far the most World Cup golds, 36, followed by Sweden with eleven golds.

Sweden's World Cup history

Sweden's first World Championship gold came in 1973 through team Kjell Oscarius. After that, Sweden won the World Cup in 1977 (team Ragnar Kamp), 1997 (team Peja Lindholm), 2001 (team Peja Lindholm), 2004 (team Peja Lindholm) and 2013, 2015, 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022 – all times by team Niklas Edin. It is noteworthy that Team Edin won four of its six golds in Canada, where Sweden also won its first gold in 1973. Five of Sweden's eleven golds have thus been salvaged on Canadian ice, which bodes well for this year's World Championships.

Who is included in Team Edin?

Niklas Edin, Oskar Eriksson, Rasmus Wranå, Christoffer Sundgren and Daniel Magnusson (reserve).

What does expert Eva Lund think?

About Sweden:

"Team Edin has won the last four World Championships that have been played and the chances of winning their fifth consecutive World Championship gold are good, even if the competition is fierce.

On Team Edin being "ordinary" again:

"Niklas Edin is of course extremely important for the team. During the European Championships, both Oskar and Rasmus had to change positions and of course it affects the evenness of the game as a curling team at this level is extremely recorded in their positions. We will see a very motivated team in this World Cup, I know they would like to defend their last four World Cup golds and take a fifth.

About team Edin winning several of their World Championship gold medals in Canada.

"The World Cup is played every two years in Canada, so the frequency of the championship being held there obviously determines the frequency. Then I know that team Edin really enjoys competing in Canada where you spend most of the time during the season. It is often very good playing conditions and a knowledgeable audience that raises the mood at the championship.

About Sweden's main opponents.

"Three teams stand out: Scotland, Canada and up-and-comer Italy. These three teams are at the top of the world rankings and have a very high level of their game, as does Sweden.

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How Sweden's matches are broadcast

Wednesday 5 April

Sweden-Norway (15.00) SVT Play

Thursday 6 April

Sweden-Czech Republic (01.00)

Sweden-Italy (15.00) SVT Play

Friday 7 April

Sweden-New Zealand (01.00)

Sweden-Switzerland (20.00) SVT24/Play

Saturday 8 April

Sweden-Canada (01.00)

Quarterfinals (20.00) SVT Play (if Sweden plays)

Sunday 9 April

Semi-finals (01.00) SVT2/Play (replay at 12.00 SVT1). We broadcast the possible semi-final that Sweden plays, otherwise we do not broadcast the semi-finals.

Bronze match (17.00) SVT Play (if Sweden plays)

Final (22.00) SVT24/SVT1/Play

Niklas Nord and expert Eva Lund comment on the World Cup.