Sunday's Ski Classics finish was the last race of Anders Aukland's career. He went in 29th and was properly celebrated afterwards.

"I just enjoyed it," Aukland said after the finish.

He was quickly taken onto a boat Hurtigruten towards Tromsø and will be flown in a helicopter during the day as part of the celebration of his career.

"It will be exciting, we'll see what happens," he says.

The expert: "Fantastic"

SVT Sports expert Anders Blomquist is impressed by Aukland.

"What he does as a 50-year-old is absolutely fantastic," says Blomquist.

Martin Lövström Nyenget won the men's race on Sunday. Swedish Emil Persson won the overall tally in Ski Classics.

Watch Anders Aukland being celebrated in the player above.

CLIP: Watch when Martin Lövström Nyenget won the men's race

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Watch Martin Lövström Nyenget win the men's race