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The bullets fly around and, if one touches him, he survives, but he always stays up there, on the podium, one more race, and another, and another, and there are already three. Fernando Alonso, third for the third time this year. Fernando Alonso, always among the best. In the circuit of Albert Park everything happened, three red flags, two restarts of madness and despite this Alonso returned to climb the drawer.

Behind the winner Max Verstappen could be second, as he threatened Lewis Hamilton for almost the entire test. Ahead of Carlos Sainz, he could stay out, as his compatriot rammed him in the second restart. But in the end Alonso returned to a position that is his this season, third also the World Championship. Perhaps with regularity as an argument he can threaten the Red Bulls in the championship.

Because there will be few races like this for misfortune, to suffer some misery, to lament, and nothing, happiness, another podium. There was disorder at the start, for an hour practically nothing happened and, in the end, absolute chaos: a two-lap race.

When everything seemed decided, with Max Verstappen first with advantage, Lewis Hamilton second, Fernando Alonso third and Carlos Sainz fourth, Kevin Magnussen rammed his car against a wall, destroyed one of its rear wheels and the remains of the rim forced those responsible for the International Automobile Federation (FIA) to show the second of the three red flags of the race. Everyone to the pits, everyone to prepare. Suddenly, from tranquility to schizophrenia.

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