Six professional baseball games were played, with Yakult and Hanshin in the Central League and SoftBank winning their opening three games in a row in the Pacific League.

【Central League】

Yakult vs Hiroshima

Yakult vs Hiroshima was won by Yakult 3-2.

○ Wins: Star pitcher 1 win.
Savings: Taguchi pitched 2 saves.
- Loss: Matsumoto pitcher 1 loss.
◎ Home run:
Yakult Yamada No. 1.
Hiroshima Davidson No. 1.

Yakult trailed 0-2 in the third inning on Yamada's two-run home run, and in the eighth inning, Murakami's light-over, two-base hit was an error, and Murakami hit home to win the game.

The fourth star pitcher earned his first win in four years, and Yakult won the opening three games for the second year in a row.
Hiroshima went scoreless after the third inning, losing the opening three games in a row for the first time in 3 years.

Hanshin vs DeNA

Hanshin vs DeNA was won by Hanshin 6-2.

○ Wins: Saiki pitcher 1 win.
- Loss: Kasahara pitcher 1 loss.
◎ Home run:
Hanshin Haraguchi No. 1.

Hanshin took a three-run lead in the third inning thanks to timely hits by Oyama and No. 3 draft rookie Morishita.

Morishita added another run in the fourth inning on a push-out foreball and pinch hitter Haraguchi's two-run home run in the eighth.

Starting pitcher Saiki gave up one run in the middle of the seventh inning to earn his first win of the season, giving Hanshin his third straight win of the season.
DeNA fought back in the closing stages, but fell short and lost three in a row.

Giants vs. Chunichi

The Giants vs. Chunichi were won by the Giants, 3-2.

○ Wins: Kagitani pitcher 1 win and 1 save.
Saves: 1 save by a large number of pitchers.
- Loss: Shimizu pitcher 1 loss.
◎ Home run:
Giant Maru No. 1.

The Giants tied the game 8-2 in the eighth inning, but Maru's solo home run in the first put the game away.

The fourth pitcher, Kagitani, earned a win, and many pitchers earned their first saves in their first pitches of the season.
Chunichi's starting pitcher Fukutani pitched well in six innings, allowing four hits and one run, but the relievers were lackluster.

【Pacific League】

SoftBank vs Lotte

SoftBank vs Lotte was won by SoftBank 5-3.

○ Wins: Higashihama pitcher 1 win.
Saves: Osuna pitcher 1 save.
- Loss: Mima pitcher 1 loss.

SoftBank took a four-run lead in the second inning on a two-run double by Kai and Kondo, and added one more run in the seventh on a pitcher's relay.

Starting pitcher Higashihama gave up three runs in the middle of the sixth inning, and Osuna earned his first save to give SoftBank its third straight win.
Lotte couldn't even catch up six times.

Japan Ham vs Rakuten

Japan Ham vs Rakuten was won by Rakuten 2-1.

○ Wins: Fujihira pitcher 1 win.
Savings: Pitcher Yuki Matsui made 2 saves.
- Loss: Kitayama pitcher 1 loss.

Rakuten scored one run in the seventh inning of a 1-1 game on a passed ball by the catcher from the bases loaded with two outs.

Starting pitcher Fujihira allowed three hits and one run in six innings to earn his first win of the season.
Japan Ham pitched well, allowing one run in six innings in his first professional start, but he was unable to provide support with three hits.

Seibu vs Orix

Seibu vs Orix was won by Seibu 4-1.

○ Wins: Junsuke Sato 1 win.
Saved: Aoyama pitcher 1 save.
- Loss: Waguespack pitcher 1 win 1 loss.
◎ Home run:
Seibu McKinon No. 1.
Orix Gonzalez No. 1.

Seibu tied the game in the eighth inning and scored three runs on Suzuki's two-run double to tie the game.

Taira pitched well in his first professional start, giving up one run in seven innings, and the third pitcher, Junsuke Sato, who relieved well, earned the win.

Rookie pitcher Aoyama earned his first save, giving Seibu their first win of the season.
Orix had their fourth wagges-pack pitcher crumble.