The National Short Track Speed Skating Championships ushered in the first final day on April 4. Sun Long from Changchun Winter Sports Management Center performed well, winning gold medals in the men's 1m and 1500m events, becoming the biggest winner of the day. Liu Shaolin and Liu Shaoang won bronze medals in the men's 500m and 500m events respectively.

【During the same period】Sun Long, short track speed skater of Changchun Winter Sports Management Center

From long distance to short distance, the requirement for yourself is to skate well in every round, play every technique and tactic, ranking is important, but only if you skate perfectly, you can have a ranking. The competition is about concentration, because there are many seniors in the arena, and there are many Olympic champions and world champions who often stand with me, so every game is not relaxed.

Olympic champions Liu Shaolin and Liu Shaoang were considered favourites to win gold in two events before the competition. Liu Shaolin said in an interview after the competition that the lack of competition for nearly a year has affected the status of the two, but he is also satisfied with the results of both brothers winning bronze medals.

【During the same period】Tianjin Winter and Water Sports Management Center short track speed skater Liu Shaolin

Today we are happy to win a bronze medal on our goal, happy to compete in China for the first time, and the opponents are very high. The two of us haven't competed in a year, and we (need) to train more systematically, and this year we also practiced, but we didn't train particularly systematically. This year's goal, next year's goal, is to train systematically, and then get better results.

【Commentary】Talking about competing with the Liu brothers, Sun Long bluntly said that the players on the field are all from China, all participate in the national championship competition, compete in style, compete in the same competition, and win clean gold medals.

【During the same period】Sun Long, short track speed skater of Changchun Winter Sports Management Center

Short track speed skating is a competitive event, we are all from China, we are all participating in the national championships, we compete together, compete in style, level, "clean", and then take clean gold medals, in next year's World Cup and World Championships, hope to win gold medals for China in the world with these predecessors.

【Commentary】At the Beijing Winter Olympics, Sun Long once left regrets in the first body, and now he has won two consecutive championships in the familiar arena, Sun Long frankly said that in the 13 months since the Beijing Winter Olympics to now, he has never relaxed, and has always progressed and grown towards his goals.

【During the same period】Sun Long, short track speed skater of Changchun Winter Sports Management Center

Without slackening, these 13 months have allowed me to improve and grow. Because training is not every four years, but every day. I think the Olympic spirit is not the best, only better, I will continue to improve myself, and then take back the Chinese team in Milan (Winter Olympics).

Reporting by Dong Zeyu, Hao Lingyu, and Li He, Beijing

Responsible Editor: [Fang Jialiang]