It's no secret that Vyacheslav Datsik prefers to fight as often as possible. For example, in December 2022, he was going to hold three fights, but was forced to withdraw from the last of them - with Saulo Kavalari at the Hardcore Boxing tournament - due to a broken finger. Having recovered, Red Tarzan did not cheat on himself. Last week, according to kickboxing rules, he crushed Geronimo Dos Santos in less than a minute, and six days later he was supposed to compete in boxing with Kevin Johnson as part of the REN TV Fight Club super series.

This time, the Russian was waiting for a much more dangerous opponent. The American had a decent career and fought with all the stars of the heavyweight division. In 2009, he even tried to challenge Vitali Klitschko for the WBC championship belt, but lost to him by decision. Subsequently, he also fought with Tyson Fury, Derek Chisora, Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua and lost early only to the latter. However, closer to the age of 40, Kingpin turned into a jornimen and in the last 11 fights won only one victory. Domestic fans should remember him for his work as a sparring partner of Alexander Povetkin.

As is always the case before Datsik's fights, the opponents attracted maximum attention to the fight. If with Dos Santos they growled at each other, then with Johnson they chose a more unusual way of clarifying relations - they played chess. Kevin admitted that he loves this game and dreams of holding a game with Vladimir Putin, but he lost to Vyacheslav with black figures.

Not without the traditional exchange of pleasantries. So, Red Tarzan stressed that he is not afraid of the rich career of the opponent and the almost complete absence of defeats by knockout (only three).

"Go to any disco in our village. They don't ask if you're a champion or not, they just punch you in the face long and hard until it catches up with plowing. That's how we will solve the issues, "the athlete assured.

In response, the American promised in the style of Muhammad Ali in the ring to flutter like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

"In the heavyweight division, everyone is dangerous. You can win ten rounds, but miss one hit and lose. My resume speaks for me. I have a lot of fights and championship fights under my belt. A few years ago, I was in Russia, I met with Povetkin. I think Alexander can explain to him the meaning of the expression: "Boxing is a chess game," Said Kingpin.

As a result, Johnson did teach his opponent a lesson. Some expected Red Tarzan, without putting too much effort, to calmly deal with the next age fighter, as with Dos Santos. But the American quickly demonstrated that the level of skill is significantly superior to all of Datsik's last opponents in boxing.

The Russian, in a favorite manner with the starting gong, rushed forward in the hope of quickly knocking out the guest. However, he competently defended himself and calmly avoided attacks on his feet, as if dancing with an amazing ease for 43 years. A minute before the end of the round, Vyacheslav finally locked Kevin at the ropes and began to beat him, but he skillfully blocked and hid behind the block. Tired, an annoyed Datsik moved to the center of the ring and urged his opponent to fight more actively.

Johnson himself, although he did not rush forward, worked well with his left hand, causing serious damage to Red Tarzan with a jab. On occasion, he also connected the leading right. The Russian frankly did not understand how to resist these blows and in the second period, angry, even deliberately went to bump into the fist of the US representative with his forehead. At the same time, there was a feeling that the former contender for the title of world champion was not acting at full strength.

Datsik until the end of the confrontation did not give up hope to achieve another knockout and several more times locked the opponent at the net. But in those situations in which his last competitors fell, the American held on as if not receiving serious damage. To tarzan's credit, he had more energy left for the final round and seized the initiative, but still could not shake the guest.

So Datsik for the second fight in a row according to the rules of boxing brought to the decision of the judges. But if in the confrontation with Pavel Shulsky in December, the referees gave the victory to him, this time they took the side of the American by a majority of votes. Given the course of the fight and the number of jabs conceded by the loser, this verdict looked fair. However, Red Tarzan was dissatisfied with the decision of the referees and even offered the opponent to fight immediately on bare fists.

"There is no surprise that he never fell. We were preparing. Kevin is a defensive specialist. He works on it and lets you swing, and then tries to counterattack. So when he closed in the corner, I would just go out to the center and lure him out to chop on the counter courses. I know this topic and was ready for it, I watched some of his fights. I tried to catch him in the exchange," Datsik complained.

In turn, Johnson paid tribute to his opponent and stressed that it was extremely difficult to fight with him. Next, he unexpectedly appealed to the President of Russia.

"I would like to get Russian citizenship, live here and be part of this country. There will be another reason to see my old friend Povetkin more often, "the American said.

Perhaps this step and obtaining a passport will help him reboot his career and break into the world of domestic pop-MMA. As for Datsik, the reported failure is unlikely to have a negative impact on him. Despite the defeat, there is no doubt that there are enough contenders left in the country to fight him, and Red Tarzan himself is still of great interest to fans.