It was Frölunda who started best on away ice.

Jere Innala was in a great position to crack the scoreline, but he missed.

Växjö, however, would score the first goal of the match. Martin Lundberg found the first cross and the home lead was a fact.

But just minutes later, Frölunda's Anthony Greco responded as he made it 1-1.

The second period began with Greco scoring the second goal of the evening for 2-1 to Frölunda.

And just a minute later, Lukas Bengtsson equalized to make it 2-2.

A bit into the final period, Växjö would regain the lead. A goalkeeper return went straight to Jayden Halbgewachs who was able to set up the lead goal with relative ease.

And with about seven minutes left, at a numerical disadvantage, Halbgewachs found their way to Joachim Blichfeld who set up the 4-2 goal.

With about three minutes left, Manuel Ågren put 5-2 in the empty bag. The match was basically over by then. But Växjö managed another goal in the empty bag, this time it was Victor Stjernborg.

The second game of the semifinal series will be played on Sunday.