17-year-old Tilda Trygger is 198 centimeters tall. Of course, she can use that to her advantage on the basketball court, but what stands out and makes her a huge talent is that she knows a lot more than that.

"As a basketball player, she's an incredible talent. There aren't many players in the world her size who can do those things that she can do. Especially at that age," says Ellen Nyström.

Tilda Trygger is aware of expectations, but tries to ignore them.

"There's a lot of expectations all the time and it's just trying to forget once you're on the pitch. That's what you absolutely shouldn't think about," she says.

She believes she has her sports background to thank for being versatile as a basketball player.

"I went to gymnastics for a very long time and I think that has helped me a lot. That's why I can do several different things on the floor and not just run under the basket and such.

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