【Commentary】From March 3th to 28st, the Spring Meeting of Heads of Delegation of the 31st Summer Universiade (referred to as the "Spring Group Meeting of the Chengdu Universiade") was held in Chengdu. A total of 31 delegations participated in the meeting, of which 79 delegations participated in person and 33 delegations participated online.

It is understood that the Chengdu Universiade will be held from July 2023 to August 7, 28. According to the practice and requirements of the International Sports Federation, before the opening of the Universiade, the Executive Committee needs to organize a spring meeting of heads of delegation, communicate with the International Sports Federation face-to-face information on the preparation of the event, inform delegations of the preparations for the Universiade, announce policies and procedures, and answer delegations' questions.

During the Spring Festival Meeting, the participating delegations will conduct field visits to 27 competition venues and Universiade Village to fully understand the supporting facilities and venue conditions of each venue. It is understood that at present, the main venues and facilities of the Chengdu Universiade have all been completed, and the organization of the event is basically ready.

After visiting the Dong'an Lake Sports Park Swimming and Diving Hall, Chengdu Shooting and Archery Sports School Gymnasium, Chengdu Chengbei Gymnasium and other venues, the Universiade venues with a sense of science and technology impressed KNOPP David, deputy head of the US delegation. He said that he is full of expectations for the "youth covenant" of the Chengdu Universiade, and hopes to recruit more American athletes to participate in the competition through this visit.

KNOPP David, Deputy Head of Mission of the U.S. Delegation

We will send videos and photos of this visit to coaches in the United States to let them know about the venues and infrastructure to attract more American athletes to participate in our Universiade.

【Commentary】Chengdu Universiade Village is located in Chengdu University, covering an area of about 80,<> square meters, divided into multiple functional areas such as operation area, international area, residential area, traffic area and auxiliary area.

The eating and living environment directly affects the rest experience of the participating athletes, and is closely related to the athletes' participation status. In Chengdu Universiade Village, members of the delegation visited the athletes' restaurant and athletes' dormitory in Chengdu Universiade Village in detail. The athletes' room was fully equipped with praise from the members of the delegation.

After two days of field visits, SONG Jiyoo, the executive official of the Korean delegation, also experienced first-hand how Chengdu did its best to prepare for the Universiade, and she said that athletes can enjoy life in the Universiade Village.

【Contemporaneous】 SONG Jiyoo, executive officer of the Korean delegation

I think it's very modern, and I can feel how Chengdu is doing its best to prepare for this Universiade, and I can see that these apartments and other buildings are very good and are newly built. So it means athletes can enjoy life and build friendships with other people.

He Meikun Chengdu, Sichuan

Responsible Editor: [Luo Pan]