FIFA's decision to withdraw the U-20 World Cup from Indonesia, some 52 days before the tournament, sparked widespread outrage across platforms, which praised Indonesia's honorable stance against Israel.

FIFA issued an official statement on Wednesday evening, saying the decision was based on the current conditions in Indonesia, and did not clearly say why Jakarta would not host the tournament.

FIFA U-20 World Cup 2023™ recoupled from Indonesia


— – Arabic (@fifacom_ar) March 29, 2023

The tweet published by FIFA, which exceeded 6 million views, made it clear that the date of the U-20 World Cup will not be postponed, provided that it will be held on the same dates as previously scheduled between May 20 and June 11.

The decision sparked widespread discontent in Indonesian circles, with players expressing frustration with the decision.

On Arab platforms, tweeters denounced FIFA's decision and saluted Indonesia for its insistence on its position, which they described as honorable.

Indonesia is an honorable and strong position for which you thank ... FIFA if you are not ashamed do whatever you want The Zionist entity is an epidemic that the world is occupied that everyone must boycott and discard. And still double standards prevail in FIFA and it is not surprising

— Mohamed Aboutrika (@trikaofficial) March 29, 2023

He commented analyst "beIN Sport", and former Egyptian football star, Mohamed Aboutrika in a tweet to him: "Honorable and strong position thanks to Indonesia, and the FIFA if not blush do what you want, the Zionist entity epidemic of the world, an occupier that everyone must boycott and renounce, and still double standards is prevalent in FIFA and no surprise."

Mimpi itu tetap harus dikejar dan kesempatan besar pasti akan terus datang.✨

Terima kasih untuk selalu konsisten berjuang membela Merah Putih di kancah internasional, adik-adik. Pertahankan semangat juangmu dan terus fokus dalam mengejar cita-citamu.#KitaGaruda

— PSSI (@PSSI) March 29, 2023

The Indonesian federation shared pictures of its players and captioned them: "We still have to pursue the dream, and a lot of big opportunities will come, keep your fighting spirit and stay focused on pursuing your goals."

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Indonesia U-20 striker Hockey Kraka wrote on his Instagram account with a tearful photo of him: "I don't know what more to do, and what happened?"

Writer Yusuf al-Awsi praised Indonesia's position, commenting: "There are no political relations between Indonesia and Israel, and Netanyahu was paving the way for Indonesia to follow the path of the typographers, but this position proved the opposite."

The decision follows the cancellation of the official draw for the tournament, which was scheduled to take place in Bali last Friday.

What you have done #إندونيسيا today, an honorable position in which principles triumphed over interests to sacrifice hosting an important sporting event, for the racist unity of the occupation state in it, is a message to the unjust West, which uses double standards and stands with Ukraine and supports the occupation, thanks to everyone who was behind this decision that will be written on the mural of liberation and return

— Raji Alhams – #فلسطين (@RajiHams) March 29, 2023

Life is a situation...
Thank you, 🇮🇩 Indonesia

— Hassan Al Aidarous (@haidroos) March 29, 2023

Long live #Indonesia
and down with the

occupier today #فيفا
withdraw the organization of the Youth World Cup from Indonesia
for refusing to give visas to the Zionist entity to play on its
soil Long live #Indonesia

— Salem Salem (@DrSalemMSalem1) March 29, 2023

Event Today

Country: Indonesia is the largest Muslim country (quarter of a billion Muslims)

FIFA withdraws U-20 World Cup from Indonesia

The reason is
Indonesia's refusal to host the temporary Zionist entity team on its land

- A new slap in the face of the Zionists and the typographers#FIFA is
a tool of arrogance

Thank you#Indonesia

— Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Warith (@EAlwareth) March 29, 2023