【Chinese football starts again】

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For Chinese football, 2023 is a year of fresh start. Chinanews.com launched the "Chinese Football Re-start" series of planning, focusing on the road to China's football revitalization.

Beijing, March 3 (Zhongxin Net) -- "Through this strict access review, the work of clearing football debts has achieved positive results. During the period, 30 international arbitration cases were properly resolved, more than 20 domestic arbitration cases including settlement cases were resolved, and the arrears of wages of more than 50 domestic wage arrears who did not initiate arbitration were properly resolved. ”

At the 29 China Professional Football League media communication meeting held on the 2023th, Sun Ri, deputy director of the competition department of the Chinese Football Association, said.

It is understood that under the severe background and huge pressure, the league access work in the new season has basically been completed, and Shanghai Shenhua and other veteran clubs have finally been able to travel lightly after making every effort to solve their salary arrears. The Chinese Super League is fully advancing the new season in line with the goal of starting on April 4.

Media communication meeting. Photo courtesy of the Preparatory Group of the Chinese Football Federation

Strict enforcement of access

In recent years, the Chinese professional football league, which is in the "post-golden yuan football" period, is experiencing a painful period, and some clubs are unable to survive, and finally regret the access link before the start of the season.

It is understood that a total of 53 professional football clubs have applied for access this year. After the review by the Chinese Football Association and the preparatory team of the Chinese Football Federation in strict accordance with the regulations and after publicity, as of March 3, a total of 28 professional football clubs have obtained the qualification for the professional league of the Chinese Football Association in the 48 season.

Among the 8 clubs that failed to pass the access, the Hebei team did not submit the application materials, Wuhan Yangtze River and Xinjiang Tianshan Snow Leopards withdrew, the Kunshan team voluntarily gave up the access qualification, and Guangzhou City, Shaanxi Chang'an Athletic, Zibo Juju and Beijing Beitai University finally failed to pass the access.

Among them, Shaanxi Chang'an Athletic, a Chinese League One team with a relatively deep fan base, has generally regretted the outside world. Previously, the club tried to save itself with a membership system, and until the evening of the 28th, it was still making a final attempt, but it still ended in failure.

Shi Qiang, head of the preparatory team of the Chinese Football Federation, said in an interview: "When a club withdraws, the biggest damage is the local fans, including the players, the club and our league, and no one wants to see this situation. This year, we will take strict access as the basis for the long-term development of the club, otherwise we will not talk about the standardized construction of the club. ”

"In a way, it's called cutting love. We also know that Shaanxi Chang'an Athletic Club has made a lot of efforts, but in the face of the rules, they still have some domestic arbitration cases that have not been resolved. Shi Qiang said.

Infographic: The opening ceremony of the 2022 Chinese Super League season was held in Haikou. Image source: IC photo

According to reports, solving the club's "football debt" is the focus of this season's access review. On February 2, the Chinese Football Association informed the clubs of the details of the "football debts" of each club, and asked local associations and local sports departments to give strong help and support to the clubs.

The Chinese Football Association clearly requires that, first, cases that have been adjudicated internationally and domestically must be properly resolved in accordance with the time limit; Second, the actual wage arrears case that is not disputed by the two parties must be properly resolved in accordance with the filing contract; Third, disciplinary penalties and related expenses such as accommodation and transportation owed to the competition area must be properly resolved in accordance with the requirements; Fourth, cases under arbitration may be resolved in accordance with relevant provisions after the arbitration results are announced. Among them, the first three are listed as conditions that must be completed for access.

Data map: Wuhan Three Towns team members celebrate winning the Chinese Super League in the 2022 season. Photo by Zhang Chang, reporter of China News Agency

Debt cleanup is beginning to pay

It is understood that most of the debts of the clubs have been settled by paying in full and reaching a settlement agreement (installment payment or reduced payment), which can be regarded as settled debts.

Sun Ri revealed that through this strict access review, the work of clearing football debts has achieved positive results. "This access also solves a lot of old problems, such as triangular debt between clubs. Beijing Guoan, Shanghai Shenhua and other veteran clubs have made every effort to solve the arrears of wages, reduce the burden, and be able to travel lightly, laying the foundation for the healthy and long-term development of the club. ”

It is reported that although the 2023 season access work is basically completed, there is still a lot of work to be done to clean up the "football debt". Combined with the current actively promoted financial supervision system, the Chinese Football Association is studying and formulating targeted measures for cases that are about to be adjudicated, new wage arrears arising from the 2023 season, and reaching a settlement agreement to pay off in installments. At the same time, in order to ensure the orderly connection of all work next season, the Chinese Football Association plans to start the access work for the next season ahead of schedule in August and September this year.

Data map: Shanghai Shenhua and Shenzhen team match. Photo by Luo Yunfei

The resumption of home and away games is an opportunity for development

Guo Bingyan, head of the competition section of the preparatory group of the Chinese Football Federation, revealed that the new season of the Chinese Super League is fully promoting relevant work according to the node that opened on April 4.

On the day the admission list was released, the veteran team Beijing Guoan officially released the announcement of the annual ticket sale of the new season's home event, of which the ordinary annual pass is divided into seven price brackets, which are 950 yuan, 1100 yuan, 1200 yuan, 1500 yuan, 1800 yuan, 2000 yuan, 2400 yuan. In addition, a parent-child annual pass is set up very humanely.

According to reports, the annual pass can watch 2023 home matches of the Chinese Super League in Beijing Guoan in the 15 season, including FA Cup matches other than the final, as well as an exclusive gift box for the annual pass.

Schematic map of Beijing Guoan Annual Pass Area. Image source: Beijing Guoan Football Club

As it is the official return to the home-and-away format after three years, the new stadium of Beijing Guoan has also been upgraded to a professional football stadium and officially put into use, and many fans have expressed great anticipation.

Some fans left a message: "Be sure to go to the new work body to have a look, the price is not expensive, much cheaper than the concert." Some fans praised the club's annual pass plan: "The price area ratio is getting finer and thinner, and the marketization effect is obvious!" I wish Guoan a new look this year. ”

For Chinese professional football clubs, the 2023 season is a year of fresh start, a major opportunity to enhance their "self-hematopoietic" ability. For the Chinese professional football league, it is a year of steady reconstruction and gradual return to the right track. (End)