A meeting of the Executive Committee of the Russian Football Union was held in the Football House. One of the main items on the agenda was the reform of the FNL, including the transition to the spring-autumn system, and payments to children's coaches. However, the sports community was also interested in other issues. After the event, the head of the organization, Alexander Dyukov, tried to answer them.

Of course, one of the main topics of recent months is the possible transfer of the Russian national team to the Asian Football Confederation. Few people want this, but the national team needs to play, and in this regard there is no progress yet. According to the president of the RFU, the UEFA working group continues to prepare a roadmap and, only when it is ready, it is possible to make some statements.

"Theoretically, the transition to Asia is possible. Now we set ourselves the goal of returning to official matches in Europe. You understand that it is important for us to solve the problem - the speedy return of our teams to official competitions. And to qualify for the World Cup. We will try to solve it in one way or another. Let's hope it works out. As long as there is time. That is, in the spring we must decide where to go next. To decide and agree," Dyukov said.

According to the functionary, there is some progress in communicating with UEFA. And the next meeting will take place at the congress in Lisbon. There, perhaps, it will be possible to take another step towards the return of the national teams to international competitions. At the same time, the dialogue will not be affected by the latest recommendations of the IOC concerning team sports. As the RFU president explained, they have no direct impact on football.

At the same time, while UEFA is pondering, the Russian national team must play. And, judging by the mood of Dyukov, in June it is worth waiting for more matches. However, whether Valery Karpin's team will perform at the first championship of the Central Asian Football Association (CAFA) has not yet been decided.

"We must consider absolutely all the opportunities that exist. But we have to have a choice. We must choose the best options that are as interesting as possible for our fans. We must study the possibility of participating in the tournament, collect all the information - conditions, fields, teams. And only after that a choice will be made. But in June we have to play. The March matches confirmed: the national team is interesting to spectators, fans, quite high ratings. Despite the short time for ticket sales, there were a lot of spectators in the stands. The national team is needed by the fans, the national team must play, "the specialist is sure.

Dyukov also promised that the national team will hold friendly matches not only with Asian teams. However, participation in the Copa America, according to him, is almost impossible.

"A large number of players from these countries play in Europe, they are under pressure. Theoretically, this is possible. Practically, in the near future we are unlikely to be able to agree on this. We are considering the options for friendly games not only with Asian teams. We will play with teams from other continents," the head of the RFU said.

Despite the situation with the suspension of Russian national teams from international competitions, the Union does not abandon the idea of integrating the Crimean teams. According to Dyukov, the FNL working group continues to deal with this issue, and there is no point in being afraid of sanctions.

"It's important for the FNL that clubs meet the requirements. The licensing deadline is the end of May. Do I expect increased sanctions pressure on the football industry? The pressure is already sufficient. Much more?" the head of the RFU said.

No less acute is the question of the use of Fan ID. After the introduction of the system, the number of spectators in the stands at RPL matches has sharply decreased, and this greatly upsets everyone. However, according to Dyukov, the RFU can not influence the situation in any way, although earlier the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov, said that decisions should be made by sports authorities and security services.

"Changes in the law are the prerogative of the government, sports structures cannot influence this. For our part, we can only suggest how to simplify access. As for Peskov's words, it is better to ask him a question. The RFU and the RPL are not subjects of lawmaking. The abolition of Fan ID is the responsibility of the government. In order to ensure security, such a law was adopted. I see no reason to cancel. Improvements are possible," Dyukov said.

At the same time, the head of the RFU believes that populist statements against Fan ID will not lead to anything. In any case, you need to ensure security. And now we need to think about improving the system, not about abolishing it. At the same time, according to him, a boycott by fans is a natural phenomenon, since society is not very fond of innovations.

"It takes time for a fan to accept this and get used to it. For some group, more time is needed. We have been discussing this issue for so long that it is much easier to get this card. Now you can do this without visiting the MFC. I think it's time to stop reflecting and get a fan card. Cases of refusal can be counted on the fingers, they are all justified: there is a ban on attending matches by court decision. Fans always have the opportunity to contact the authorities and appeal this decision," the expert emphasized.

Also, according to Dyukov, the RFU will support the initiative to return the sale of beer at stadiums during matches, if the government decides to implement it.

"It cannot be said that all the fans will stand for the return of beer to the stadiums. But if tomorrow the government decides to return, we will be in favor. We have talked about this repeatedly," the functionary said.

Dyukov also responded to the comic proposal of the president of 2Drots Nikita Panasyuk to give the Media League team a wild card to participate in the RPL. Such a statement was made after the victory in a friendly match over CSKA Moscow (2: 1), in which the 40-year-old veteran of the army Daniel Carvalho took the field.

"According to the sporting principle, nothing prevents the clubs of the Media League from growing up to the RPL. On what basis to give a wild card? There will be other teams that will also demand it. What is the criterion? By popularity? Let's define the champion of Russia in the same way: who provides more attendance, he is the champion. Football is first and foremost a sport, and secondarily entertainment. Although the experience of the Media League should certainly be used. And we see that the RPL clubs hold matches with such teams in order to attract additional fans, "the functionary is sure.