A large part of the aftermath of the altercation between head coach Janne Andersson and TV expert Bojan Djordjic is about whether or not there was a racist undertone when Janne Andersson asked Bojan "what do you represent?".

Andersson himself explained at an extraordinary press conference that this was not the case, while Bojan in a press release states that he perceived it as a question of his origins.

On Wednesday morning, former country goalkeeper Rami Shaaban visited SVT's Morgonstudio together with Emil Eriksson from the podcast "Snett inwards backwards".

"From Janne's side, it's nothing racist"

- I honestly think that from Janne's side it's nothing racist, then I understand that Bojan interprets it as he does. So for me, it's just a big misunderstanding. I've met Bojan, I know what he's like and I know what Janne is like. So that for me is not a thing, there is no racism when it comes to Janne in that way. So that it was just a boring affair, I would say," Shaaban said.

Emil Eriksson, in turn, believes that Bojan should be clearer.

- If Bojan is going to accuse Janne of being a racist, he's going to do it fully, so to speak. Now he went out and said that Janne's intentions don't matter, but that he's hurt anyway. It may be a bit fuzzy and I think that is a bit unfair to Janne. In that case, Bojan has to back it up completely and say "then Janne is lying to me, it was his intention to question my Swedishness". Now it becomes some kind of middle ground that I think is unfortunate, says Eriksson.

CLIP: Head coach Janne Andersson the day after the TV brawl (March 28, 2023)

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Janne Andersson emotional after the altercation with Viaplay's expert Bojan Djordjic. Photo: SVT