Photo courtesy of the organizer, March 3 -- The first CBA Business Summit Forum was held during the Xiamen All-Star Weekend on March 28. The forum set up four keynote speeches and four roundtable dialogues, and authoritative figures from politics, business, industry, academia, research, media and other circles jointly discussed the way of CBA business operation and helped CBA achieve high-quality development from multiple dimensions.

Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, said in his speech that the current "14th Five-Year Plan" of Chinese basketball has been officially implemented, and professional basketball represented by the CBA league is the key development area of Chinese basketball during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. The CBA league will adhere to the development path of professional leagues with Chinese characteristics, adhere to the positioning of people's basketball, and handle the relationship between social benefits and economic benefits.

Yao Ming gave a welcome speech Courtesy of the organizer

As the organizer of this forum, Zhang Xiong, CEO of CBA, said that in the face of rare historical opportunities, CBA League will study and formulate a development strategy of "two wheels and one axis, synergy driven" on the basis of improving the league governance system to promote the high-quality development of the league. In terms of business operations, the CBA League will further expand the scope of sponsor cooperation, from traditional consumer areas to emerging industries such as e-sports games, while increasing the development of non-seasonal rights of the CBA League. In addition, he said that when the conditions are ripe, the CBA league will consider expanding the scale of participation of the league and further expanding the brand influence of the league.

Roundtable forum. Photo courtesy of the organizer

Regarding the "expansion" of the CBA League, the participating experts also expressed their views in the roundtable forum.

Liu Fumin, former director of the Economic Department of the General Administration of Sports, believes that the issue of the expansion of the CBA league needs comprehensive measures, which should be promoted gradually according to our ability, and systematic thinking should be achieved and overall planning should be achieved.

Bao Mingxiao, executive director of the China Sports Policy Research Institute of Beijing Sport University and director of the China Sports Economy Research Center of the Institute of Physical Science of the General Administration of Sports, believes that the expansion of the army is a medium- and long-term problem in the development of the CBA league, but if the blind expansion of the army may outweigh the loss, so we must grasp the degree.

White House Ding, research director of Tsinghua University's Sports Industry Development Research Center, suggested that some clubs that meet the standards can be invited to participate in the form of special invitations, so as to measure whether the team can meet the CBA's entry standards, and then continue to discuss whether to go or stay in the future.

Wang Yuxiong, director of the Sports Economics Research Center of the Central University of Finance and Economics, said that the expansion issue should be decided by the market.

The guests also had in-depth discussions on hot topics such as how to promote the business development of the CBA League, release the CBA reform dividend, enhance the brand value of the CBA League, and expand the influence of the CBA League, and shared their successful experiences in their respective fields.

The forum was guided by the Chinese Basketball Association, hosted by CBA and co-organized by Beijing Shengyi Sports. (End)