What we know for sure is that in three years it will be 2026, and it will be a real super sports year in SVT. Milan/Cortina Winter Olympics – the last time we broadcast the Olympics was in 2012, in a completely different media landscape. And the Men's World Cup in North America – the same year! Wow!

The audience always has the right to expect the best possible delivery of SVT Sport, but if there is ever a time we are going to top the form a little extra in all positions and platforms, it is 2026.

We think we are good at a lot already but will have to work hard to develop the delivery in SVT Play, with how we engage the audience, with our storytelling, with our way of news reporting, with our way of using social media, with... well, a lot. And it will be so fun and exciting to continue that work!

SVT Sport rests on a solid foundation, much of our focus is permanent over time. We will continue to have a wide range of live sports, and at the same time gather the audience and create community around the absolute largest sporting events. We will continue to have equal sports coverage and sharp news journalism with more perspectives.

But HOW we do it – we should never stop developing, never stop screwing around.

We know that we at SVT Sport today have a large audience with a great commitment to what we produce, but it is not something we can ever take for granted. We need to continue to be sensitive to what the audience is asking for in order to be able to be for all sports-interested people in Sweden.

I am happy and proud to have been given the assignment to lead SVT's sports editorial staff. Running an editorial office is a team effort – and if you ask me, there is no better team than Team SVT Sport.