Beijing, 3 Mar (Zhongxin Net) -- Taipan Village, Taijiang County, Guizhou Province, is located deep in the mountains southeast of Qian. In the early spring of this year, the "village BA" basketball game full of local flavor once again made this village of less than 28,1200 people the "top stream" of the whole network.

Since last summer, "Village BA" has exploded in circles, spread all over the Internet, and spread abroad, according to statistics, its network spread has exceeded 15.<> billion people.

Behind the phenomenal spread, a "soil" character has become a "high-temperature code" running through it.

Video: Guizhou "Village BA" Final Scene: Unique National Style Characteristic "Miao Di" Source: China News Network

"Dirt" word engine

In the summer of 2022, the "village BA" caught fire.

"Village BA" fire, fire in a "soil" character. The stadium is built by the village, the players are all local villagers, and the unique Miao song and dance assume the function of cheerleading. There is also a yellow cow as a winning prize, a few fragrant pigs, and a commentator who speaks "Guizhou Mandarin", all of which highlight the strong local atmosphere of "village BA".

"Village BA" is circled with "soil", which is not limited to the concept of "locality", but also lies in its "grounding" - rooted in the deep soil of unique folk culture.

"Village BA" originated from the annual "June 1940" New Festival Village Basketball Game in Taipan Village, Taipan Township, Taijiang County. It is understood that basketball has been played in the Taipan area since 80, and its basketball history has lasted for more than <> years. The love that runs through the blood of generations has become a powerful magnetic field that gathers the popularity of the surrounding people.

The picture shows the ethnic minority program performances before the start of the competition in Qiandongnan Prefecture and Tongren City. Photo by Qu Honglun

According to statistics, in 2022, this event will attract as many as 176 basketball teams to participate, from the rules of the game to the qualification of players, and then to the atmosphere of the venue, all organized by the masses and covered in place, the players on the field of each team must be local villagers, and the audience can enter the stadium to watch the game at will. Villagers from Shiliba Village flocked to the village, creating a basic popularity plate.

At the same time, Taijiang County is known as "the first county of the Miao nationality in the world" because of the Miao population accounting for up to 98%, with a variety of ethnic cultures, numerous ethnic festivals, rich and diverse folk activities, and 9 Miao branches in the territory with distinct characteristics, which provides a natural humanistic environment and rich soil for the unique folk entertainment atmosphere of "Village BA".

The picture shows athletes from Qiandongnan Prefecture (Red Yi) and Tongren City during the competition. Photo by Qu Honglun

"Dirt" signboard

Since the birth of Taipan "Village BA", it has received a lot of attention and topics, like a shining signboard with the word "soil". Today, the signboard has a broader connotation.

The local people's love for sports and the local culture behind it have made "Village BA" have a unique cultural inheritance and nostalgic memory, endowed it with unique local cultural charm and attractiveness, and become the original driving force for the popularity of "Village BA".

In addition, the hot scene of the village ball game and the beautiful picture of the beautiful countryside form a "resonance" with people's yearning for a better life, thus triggering resonance and making the "village BA" cute enough and attractive enough.

As the popularity continues to rise, the semifinals of the 2022 Guizhou Province "Beautiful Village" Basketball League Qiandongnan Prefecture came to Taipan Village, and countless cameras were set up on the sidelines, and the praise of "Village BA" became louder and louder. This year, the "Beautiful Country" basketball league finals settled in Taipan Village, and the "Village BA" was upgraded again.

The picture shows the scene of the aerial photography competition. Photo by Wei Dongsheng

It is this series of "combination punches" that make "Village BA" continue to "show its face", become a new local business card, and convey the new atmosphere of Chinese sports in the new era to the world, highlighting the infinite vitality of national sports.

It is reported that Taijiang has long realized that "Village BA" has formed a brand effect, and has far overflowed the scope of Taijiang, becoming a common cultural phenomenon and common sports brand in the whole province and even the whole country, and focusing on brand communication and operation.

Today, "Village BA" has an official platform and brand communication operation center.

The picture shows fans cheering for the athletes participating in Bijie City. Photo by Qu Honglun

"Dirt" word experience

In fact, the popularity of "Village BA" is not "unique". In recent years, this "rustic" rural sports activity has flourished across the country.

During the Spring Festival in 2023, from the first to the seventh day of the new year, football matches will be held every day in Babao Village, Lulou Town, Pei County, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, and participating in the "Village Boundary Cup" has become a local New Year custom; Last year in Pingliang, Gansu Province, a basketball game allowed spectators who could not find a seat to climb up the treetops to watch the game.

More and more folk sports events are being held in the green waters and mountains, using sports as a medium to show the unique charm of the local area, illuminating the fiery life full of "farming and agricultural fun and agricultural taste".

The picture shows the "Village BA" stadium after the reconstruction and expansion of Taipan Village. Photo by Tang Zhe

The continued popularity of "Village BA" also provides a "model" for other "local" events - while optimizing and improving the conditions of the event, it is also necessary to maintain the valuable "local atmosphere".

Some studies have pointed out that the popularity of "village BA" is out of the circle, and behind the seemingly accidental, it is actually inevitable. It is precisely because of the great improvement of material life and the continuous improvement of infrastructure that the "village BA" has been vigorous in the new era.

The picture shows the scene of the "Village BA" basketball game, and the people watching the ball game cheer and cheer. Photo by Yu Tianying

At the same time, the "village BA" remained rational and sober under the great heat, and while the material conditions were upgraded, it still firmly held the image of the "agricultural brand" event. If no closed basketball court is built, the door will not be closed to collect tickets; The "Village BA" stadium was repaired by the villagers, and only the safety and comfort were appropriately added, and functions such as players' rest room and media reception room were added to improve the surrounding environment.

The "BA" surname "village" is the most attractive character of this event. (End)