The four-on-five was pitted against each other and it was as tight and even as most people thought beforehand.

Skuru took the lead, VästeråsIrsta turned, Skuru took back the lead and yes, you get it.

But with just over four minutes left, the home side began to make a jolt and went up into the lead 27-24.

Then the uphill climb became a little too steep for last year's finalist and the Västmanlanders won 29-28. It thus stands 1-0 in matches in the match series played in the best-of-five.

"It feels like crap, but we did what we could. They were the better team," Skurus' Jennifer Johansson told C More.

In the second quarter-final of the evening, the defending champions Sävehof beat Kungälv 38-16.