At present, Max Bursell is project manager at SVT Sport and responsible for SVT's live events, something he has been since 2016. Prior to that, he was project manager for major sporting events such as world championships in football, athletics and cross-country skiing. Now Max Bursell will instead become program manager and responsible publisher for SVT's sports editorial staff.

SVT Sport is Sweden's largest sports editorial staff with both a broad news reporting online and on television as well as a large event department for live sports. Last year, SVT Sport broadcast 2100 hours – everything from the biggest world championships to broad-based sports, over 100 different sports are visible annually in SVT. At the beginning of the year, it also became clear that SVT has the rights to the Olympics from 2026.

Max Bursell will take office immediately. He succeeds Åsa Edlund Jönsson, who a few months ago became Secretary General of SOK, the Swedish Olympic Committee.

"Max Bursell is an innovative leader with a wealth of experience. He has for a long time worked with SVT's largest championships and driven successful digital change projects. He is now tasked with – together with the editorial staff – developing SVT Sports' offering. A large and committed sports audience has a lot to look forward to, says Anne Lagercrantz, division manager news and sports at SVT.