Sweden's 5–0 win against Azerbaijan at Friends arena quickly came into the shadows.

The spotlight was instead on head coach Janne Andersson, who was angry during a TV interview in Viaplay's studio and got into a heated exchange with expert Bojan Djordjic

For Johan Elmander, a former national team striker and now an expert for Radiosporten, there is only one solution to Andersson's tantrum that ended with him leaving the interview.

"Janne has to apologise to Bojan. They have to sit down and solve this," he told Radiosporten.

"If he doesn't, I think he should resign. As a coach and having a tantrum like that, it just can't happen. Then he might not be the right man in the right place.

"Ongoing dialogue with the Football Association"

According to the association's press officer Petra Thorén, the Swedish Football Association and Viaplay will have initiated a dialogue about the situation.

Viaplay's Press Officer Fredrik Johansson:

"We have an ongoing dialogue with the Football Association, and we need to have that and keep it between us. We have great confidence in Bojan and are proud of our experts' collective

CLIP: Janne Andersson on the brawl in the Viaplay studio

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Janne Andersson commented on the interview with Viaplay's expert Bojan Djordjic during the press conference afterwards. Photo: Viaplay