Beijing, March 3 (Zhongxin Net) -- "The city I most want to go to is Beijing. Everyone told me that it is a beautiful city and I hope to have the opportunity to visit it in the future! Castillo said. Originally from Honduras, he will play in the Chinese Super League next season.

As a striker, Castillo was selected for the Honduras national team and scored six goals in 28 appearances. In the 6 season, he was named the top scorer in the Honduran Serie A.

In February this year, Castillo came to China to join the Chinese Super League "promoted horse" Nantong Zhiyun. In an exclusive interview with a reporter from, he confessed that he had a good time in China, everyone was very friendly and had a sense of home.

Castillo was interviewed by Photo courtesy of Nantong Zhiyun Football Club

"It's a pleasure to be in China"

Castillo, 31, is from Honduras. It is located in northern Central America, bordering the Caribbean Sea to the north. "My home country is close to Mexico and the United States, and it is a coastal country. We are a friendly people, very warm to foreign friends, and always the first time to help people when they need help. He introduced.

This is Castillo's first time playing in the Chinese league. "I am grateful for this opportunity, I am very happy to be here and optimistic about the future here. I hope to give my best performance through my own efforts and will. I'm also looking forward to winning games with the club and scoring more goals in attack. ”

Although Nantong Zhiyun is a new face in the Chinese Super League, Castillo revealed that the club's goals and plans are attractive to him and give him a lot of motivation, "I cherish the opportunity to play in Asia, where the league is improving every day. ”

Castillo in the warm-up match. Photo courtesy of Nantong Zhiyun Football Club

"Everyone was very friendly"

In February this year, Castillo came to China. He did his homework before setting off and asked friends who used to play in Chinese leagues about life and football style.

"It's different here than I expected. I feel good, everyone is very friendly and makes me feel at home, which allows me to adjust, adapt and focus on work quickly. I am very happy to come to China, through training and warm-up matches, I believe that my condition will get better day by day. ”

"My friends also want to come back here and play because they are treated very well. Now, what they told me was true. It's friendly to foreigners, my relationship with my teammates is great, and I feel comfortable anyway. Castillo said.

Since Honduras is a coastal country, Castillo has a soft spot for seafood. After coming to China, he also fell in love with Chinese seafood and noodles.

Castillo (first from right) in the warm-up match. Photo courtesy of Nantong Zhiyun Football Club

"I want to visit Beijing the most"

Due to the short time he has not been in China, and the new season of the Chinese Super League has not yet begun, Castillo's footprint in China is still very limited. In addition to Nantong, he has traveled with the team to Shanghai and Hangzhou for warm-up matches, which have left a good impression on him.

Castillo said that the city he most wants to visit now is Beijing: "Everyone tells me that it is a beautiful city and I hope to have the opportunity to visit Beijing in the future." ”

Castillo in training. Photo courtesy of Nantong Zhiyun Football Club

According to the data, there are about 10,000 Chinese in Honduras, mainly living in the capital Tegucigalpa and the northern industrial town of San Pedro Sula.

Castillo revealed that he has good relations with several Chinese friends who open local companies and restaurants. "They are hardworking, hardworking and nice people. I have a very good impression of them and we locals will try our best to help them adjust to their new life and learn the local language. ”

As a Honduran international, many local people are paying attention to Castillo's arrival in China. "Everyone wishes me all the best in Nantong, and I wish our team good results." (End)