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Luis de la Fuente's press conferences are, for journalists and, therefore, for the public, a melon to open. After five years, Luis Enrique's answers were already predictable, so now every time the new coach appears before the media it is time to scrutinize a little how he breathes. It is a kind of game, fun, between those who ask and the one who answers. Wanting or not, which you never know, the press conference prior to Tuesday's match against Scotland has become an attempt, of course, to mark territory by the coach, who has distanced himself from the previous stage in four very obvious points

He does not speak English, and this is the first point. He doesn't speak English or, at least, not with the fluency he understands he should have to answer in that language. So, from the questions asked by the Scottish press, only one paradox can be rescued. He was asked about the power of Scotland, and he replied: "My experience tells me that there is no small rival, and it is not a cliché." The truth is, yes it is a cliché.

Beyond the anecdote, in the last minutes was when he most wanted to mark his own profile. The first difference came in the middle of an answer about Iago Aspas. It didn't seem to come very close, but, suddenly, he said: "By the way, for me there is no false striker, for me there is no such expression." It should not be remembered that Luis Enrique, although he did not use that expression, did pull that figure when Morata was not there, because he only wore the Atlético of that profile.

The third difference with the Asturian speaks of the relationship with the press. He was asked what he thought of the game against Norway now that two days have passed. "I'm very optimistic, and I see things better than just after the game. What has come to me from outside? I have a good habit of reading almost everything and listening to almost everything. And I agree with everything I've read and heard, because everyone has their opinion and is very respectable." It should not be remembered that Luis Enrique boasted of not knowing or that there were things called newspapers, radios and televisions.

Finally, and around how Spain should play, he released a conclusive sentence: "I am not hostage to any system. The only thing I feel tied to is the idea, the model. But the system doesn't cause me any stress." Nor should we remember that Luis Enrique had a system and, unlike Groucho Marxs, if you didn't like it, he didn't change it.

A thing also striking. He was asked about Gavi's sometimes excessive impetus. And he recognized what everyone can see on TV. "His maturity will make him control some behaviors that are not stupid for him or the team. We've talked about it and I'm sure it will."

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