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China News Network, March 3 (Reporter Li He and Yuan Chao) The enthusiasm that cannot be extinguished even when it rains has made the "village BA" fire out of the circle again.

In the first "Village BA" finals of Guizhou Province held on the afternoon of the 27th, the Qiandongnan team defeated the Zunyi team 68:65 and won the championship. They can go home as victors with trophies, medals, Taijiang carp kissing fragrant rice and silver hats.

In addition to the wonderful competition, the fiery live atmosphere and the characteristic national performance... These are all labels that belong to the "village BA". How wild is it with fire all over the Internet?

The picture shows the ethnic minority program performances before the start of the competition in Qiandongnan Prefecture and Tongren City. Photo by Qu Honglun

Wild out of the loop

Taipan Village, Taijiang County, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, is well known to the society for hosting characteristic folk basketball games. The "Village BA" competition is held at the Village Entrance Stadium, and the participants are mainly villagers. This year, the first "Beautiful Village" basketball league finals in Guizhou Province settled in Taipan Village, giving "village BA" more meaning.

After the third place battle on the evening of the 26th, continuous rain began to rain over Taipan Village, resulting in slippery ground and seriously affecting the safety of players. The championship match between Qiandongnan Prefecture and Zunyi City, originally scheduled for the future, was finally postponed to today.

In fact, it rained heavily in the second half of the third place match. However, the spectators on the sidelines did not retreat in the slightest, and continued to keep a close eye on the game on the field while picking up the washbasin and other items at hand to cover the rain. The players were equally enthusiastic, using towels on the soles of their shoes to prevent slipping, and even "drifting" movements.

In the end, the Tongren team defeated Bijie City 57:50 in the heavy rain to win the third place, and the final was postponed to this afternoon.

Also wild are the cultural performances with local and national characteristics between the competitions. The performance of Miao intangible cultural heritage ancient songs, Miao dances, asparagus and other national musical instruments gives the "village BA" another bright color.

On the evening of the 25th, Miao singers sang "Song to Sunset Slope", driving tens of thousands of spectators to turn on mobile phone lights to participate in it, and the village entrance stadium instantly turned into a "sports carnival" full of atmosphere.

The atmosphere is set here, and naturally "Bungmiaodi" is indispensable.

According to reports, "Miaodi" is a kind of "mass gathering" unique to Taijiang, "the first county of the Miao nationality in the world" and rich in the regional characteristics of the Taijiang and Miao ethnic groups.

The musical and movement ideas of "Miao Di" are integrated by a number of intangible cultural heritage cultures in Taijiang County, including the "anti-row wood drumming", which is known as the oriental disco. Its rhythm is intense, cheerful and easy to learn, and the traditional elements of Miao asparagus and anti-row wooden drums are blended with a trendy and dynamic modern cutting-edge electroacoustic combination, the rhythm is dynamic and stylish, making it easy to participate.

In addition to the main festivals, daily life gatherings and field work in Taijiang, the masses can spontaneously organize joyful songs and dances anytime and anywhere.

Under the guidance of the host, "Village BA" turned into a large-scale bungee stage. Often before the game has even started, the atmosphere of the scene has been completely "ignited".

The picture shows the scene of the "Village BA" basketball game, and the people watching the ball game cheer and cheer. Photo by Yu Tianying

Savage growth

With this "local atmosphere", "village BA" quickly became popular.

Event-related terms have repeatedly appeared on hot searches, the competition scenes are full of people, and the prize scalper and fragrant pig have aroused heated discussions... Last year, the Taipan Village basketball game became the talk of countless netizens.

This year, the finals of the "Beautiful Village" basketball league in Guizhou Province were held in Taipan Village, and the wildness and rustic atmosphere are still undiminished.

At the award ceremony after the final, local specialties such as "Sansui Ma Duck", Taijiang carp kiss fragrant rice, and Taijiang sturgeon appeared in the prize list. The shouts of "Please don't throw ducks into the audience" are even more "wild" and can no longer be "wild".

Not only that, during the theatrical performance between the competition, the audience can spontaneously show themselves on stage.

"Singing and dancing, as long as you have a thick skin, you can go up and perform." Wen Wu, a villager in Taipan Village, who watched the game live all year round, quipped to a reporter from

Photo by Qu Honglun

During this year's competition, a child picked up a mobile phone while watching the game. He took the initiative to return it to the on-site organizers to find the owner, and was praised for this. When asked what gift he wanted, he spat out two words slightly shyly: "Pig's foot." ”

His wish was immediately granted, and the big pig's foot was one of the prizes for the audience.

Outside the arena, whenever the "village BA" is staged, the ladders and stools in the town are all snapped up. In addition to some local merchants, there are also sellers from Zunyi, Tongren and other places in Guizhou.

Wang Yong, a barbecue merchant, came from Guiyang. In the two days of the final, the more than 2000,1500 meat skewers he prepared every day were sold until there was no dregs; There is also Zhang Mei, who comes from Zunyi to sell cold noodles and powder, her stall can earn <>,<> yuan a day, and her popularity is bursting, beyond her imagination.

In Wen Wu's words, the popularity of "Village BA" has not been more than one or two years, "It is that in the past two years, the media and platforms have broadcast more live, you can see it." I still have those videos from 2008, and the atmosphere is not inferior to now! ”

The picture shows the "Village BA" stadium after the reconstruction and expansion of Taipan Village. Photo by Tang Zhe

As the popularity continues to rise, the semifinals of the 2022 Guizhou Province "Beautiful Village" Basketball League Qiandongnan Prefecture came to Taipan Village, and countless cameras were set up on the sidelines, and the praise of "Village BA" became louder and louder. This year, the "Beautiful Country" basketball league finals settled in Taipan Village, and the "Village BA" was upgraded again.

The popularity has increased and the scale has expanded, and the "village BA" Internet celebrity basketball court in Taipan Village has also been expanded, moving closer to the world.

Yao Ming talks about "village BA" in an interview

According to the data released by the Sports Bureau of Guizhou Province, this event covers 9 cities (prefectures) and 88 counties (cities) in the province, organizing a total of 2624,5457 private basketball teams, carrying out 446,75 games, covering 16,4,100 people. The provincial regular season held 144 matches, and the finals totaled <> games, with more than <> referees participating in the referee and <> athletes participating.

As for how popular the "village BA" is, Yao Ming said in an interview in 2022: "If I have the opportunity, I really want to go to the site of the 'Village BA' in Guizhou!" But he wasn't sure if he could get the ticket.

Of course, Chairman Yao can't get a ticket, because such a popular "village BA" doesn't want a ticket at all!

But even if there is no ticket, he is probably happy behind the screen. Not long ago, Yao Ming, as the chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, proposed that "it is necessary to breed native brand events with major international or regional influence." ”

The native brand event with major international or regional influence, the "village BA" in front of you, may have taken shape. (End)