After Anne Kjersti Kalvås' win in the 20 km classic in Lahti, the question arose whether she had taken any unauthorized skate cuts to get first into the race.

After reviewing the situation, the Swedish ski team has not chosen to act – yet:

"No, not at the moment," national team manager Anders Byström told SVT.

Anne Kjersti Kalvå herself does not think she has done anything wrong.

"It's not something I've done consciously anyway," Kalvå said after the race.

"I tried to take the curve in a good way and the others didn't succeed in doing so. Not many people take that curve as well as I do, but they slow down a bit instead. I tried to take advantage of that and I'm good at that, have practiced a lot on it. So I haven't done anything on purpose.

You don't agree that you did something unauthorized?

"No, I think the others will probably have to practice a bit of cornering technique instead," says Anne Kjersti Kalvå, smiling.

Skated or not by the Norwegian? Watch the clip and decide for yourself!