"Last summer I lost my brother. He chose to leave us. It's an experience I don't want anyone to go through. I've thought a lot about him this fall and winter," Dahlen Aspenes said, according to NRK.

Large parts of the Norwegian biathlon team were at the funeral of Knut Dahlen Aspenes, also a biathlete, who was only 21 years old.

"It's very nice to see how the biathlon family stays together during such a period. It's much more important than what happens here and in the World Cup. It doesn't matter if you're Johannes Thingnes Bö and win 19 wins or if you go norwaycup all season," says Dahlen Aspenes.

Johannes Dale to be toastmaster at the wedding

Johannes Dale is a close friend of Sverre Dahlen Aspenes and will be the toastmaster at his wedding this summer.

"It's been a very emotional day and it was a well-deserved victory. He's had a tough time and it's great that he's getting some currency," Dale said.

Dahlen Aspenes won ahead of Vetle Rype Paulsen, who also had a heavy season and trained extensively with Dahlen Aspenes, and Johannes Thingnes Bö.

At the same time as the Nm in Alta, the skull of a 22-year-old biathlete who disappeared in Lillehammer is underway.

"We had a discussion about whether we should implement NM as planned. We agreed that NM is a great opportunity to bring everyone together and use it as a place where we can come together and vent the event even if there is a lot of despair," biathlon president Arne Horten said.